Nikki Reed is team Jacob!

7 09 2009

And really, honestly, I am totally on the fence. I wish Bella woulda given Jake a little more of a shot. But that’s just me. 

“I’m definitely Team Jacob Black,” says Nikki. “The appeal of Edward Cullen is that he is so complicated. That’s hard for a girl to resist. He’s mysterious and untouchable in New Moon again, and that leaves you wanting more. Then there is Jacob, who meets Bella and has a playful relationship with her that feels a lot more normal and relatable. Except that he’s a werewolf.”


Nikki and Taylor at the Salute to Young Hollywood party.

Nikki and Taylor at the Salute to Young Hollywood party.

These two look like they have a bit of chemistry if you ask me. Again, no pedo.





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16 09 2009
Would I Twi To You??

Allie dont star acting like Jacob was not a butt head in the books. He was a butt head. A total meaty, hot, ripped, sexual butt head.

15 10 2009
Nikki to Seventeen: WHY I’m Team Jacob « SIGMA TWI OMEGA :: twilight saga sorority | blog | lifestyle

[…] 15 10 2009 Nikki Reed has never made it a secret that she is Team Jacob. We’ve already posted about her stance on this. But in November’s Seventeen, with the divine Miss Kristen Stewart gracing the cover, she […]

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