new HQ Edward and Bella still

7 09 2009

BOOM. I wonder which scene this is. OBVS before he leaves… so intense..


don't hurt her edward, please I beg you

don't hurt her edward, please I beg you

I love that she is still rockin that moonstone ring on her pointer finger. I like it when the accessories are consistent. I do.




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7 09 2009

The suit jacket Edward has on in this picture is navy (vs. grey in the birthday/goodbye scenes). Also, Bella’s hair is pulled back (vs. a headband in the birthday/goodbye scenes).

In the book, Alice buys Edward some new clothes before they leave Italy. After they get back to Bella’s house, she has a confrontation with her dad and eventually Edward joins her in her bedroom. I think the scene in this picture is when Edward is trying to convince Bella that she’s not dreaming, he is with her, and he loves her.

7 09 2009

OR could it be when he asks her to marry him, he does appear to be down on one knee. 🙂

7 09 2009

thats not until Eclipse

8 09 2009

I thought they (Summit) were speeding things up? Or at least the talk of marriage is at the end of New Moon, is it not? This is why I hate putting the book down and reading something new, stupid International Management textbook and the Sookie Stackhouse collection taking up space in my head, there is so much information in the Saga that I can never remember it all.

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