soundtrack news – death cab unveiling 9/13

2 09 2009

i’ve said it before, and i will say it again. i cannot WAIT for this soundtrack!!!!

death cab hearts forks

death cab hearts forks

in just 12 days, the new lead single — “Meet Me on the Equinox” by death cab for cutie — for New Moon will be unveiled on

in addition to O.A.R. recently releasing their Twilight-inspired song “Love is Worth the Fall”, rumors have been swirling to include songs from Radiohead, Muse (duh) and Coldplay on the New Moon soundtrack.

…. annnnnnnd “All of the songs will be exclusive to the film, either written specifically for the movie or never available anywhere else.” [via yahoo] death cab’s song is actually based on the town of Forks, where they have visited, and they are trying to get the NM cast to star in the video.

is anyone else’s mind blown??? not only are they getting serious heavy-hitting GRAMMY-winning bands, but they are also getting mega-exclusive songs. i feel like we haven’t seen this in movie soundtracks since the eighties. i distinctly remember movie hits on the radio for Ghostbusters, Coming to America and even NeverEnding Story… even the original Batman. but i just can’t remember any movie in recent times to do this. please school me if i’m wrong.

the O.G. movie theme song

the O.G. movie theme song

god, i love twilight. thanks, sigO TwiLex for being as STOked as me on all of this news!



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2 09 2009

YEAH JJ! By the way, I totally found the OAR song and it seriously is written for Twilight, more the Twilight movie than New Moon, but it is just as good. I was hoping I could find the DCFC song as well, but not such luck. I guess I only lucked out on OAR because they were playing the song at their concerts. I’ll e-mail it to you. Come on September 29 (Seattle trip), come on October 13, come on November 20 … WOOHOO!

2 09 2009

AMAZING. I am so STOked.

11 09 2009
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