Vadge and Dollface= Couve BFFS

21 08 2009


we like to be nakey.

we like to be nakey.

I find it ironic that both of these starlets have recently had nude pic scandals. I might expect that from a Disney starlet, but the Dollface gets a pass. Just look at her ears! Too cute!

 They got their girl bonding on (a la jj and alliecupcake) Thursday night (August 21) in Vancouver. They were also seen dancing together all night in the front row of that Robsten canoodle fest aka the recent Kings of Leon concert . They both went backstage after the show with the entire Twi cast, as well as Efron. I can’t believe that Robear and Zaquisha were in the same place. Plus J. Bone. That is too much tousled hair for one town. 

I feel like Ash is so much older, but she’s not. Vanessa is 20 and Ash 22. Me, however,officially old. That’s the verdict.




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22 08 2009

Hmm very very interesting.

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