We love you, Cupcake.

17 08 2009

Oh man, what’s up? I have to apologize for being so absent on the blog for awhile… but that’s what happens when work decides to get über hectic and the little time you have left is spent trying to holler. So, I’m back… But guess what. This post isn’t about me. It’s about our fearless SigOs that have started the journey across this great country of ours.

Participants: Alliecupcake, JJ, Edward

Start: DC
End: LA

Mission: To reunite Sarahterrible and Alliecupcake in holy SigOdom.

That’s right our Founding SigO Alliecupcake is leaving us here on the east coast for palm trees and sunshine over on the west coast. Man are we going to miss her, but at least we all now have double the reason to finally get our asses out there. Pour one out for your girl.

Keep checking back for stories and pics from the road. I hear Edward’s been trying all the McCafe’s America has to offer.

oh yes, road trips look this good.

oh yes, road trips look this good.




4 responses

17 08 2009

Is it true the girls are driving cross country at vamp speeds in a Volvo with tinted windows?

17 08 2009

god, I hope so. I at least hope they have a bumper sticker that says “my other car is a silver volvo”

17 08 2009

drive safe!!

18 08 2009

So your driving to the west coast…. gonna make a right hand turn when you hit the coast and take a trip up to the ‘Couve?

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