Twisession: Midnight Sun and Breaking Dawn!!

13 08 2009


Apparently us twi hards should be on overload- considering the recent TCA sweep, the forthcoming release of New Moon, and the Eclipse filming having started. Oh but no. We are insatiable. A poll on Facebook recently asked Twi fans what they were most “feverishly looking forward to” aside from what’s listed above.

According to the, these were the findings:

1- we want to know who will be cast as Leah and Seth Clearwater in Eclipse. Because even though their roles are small in Eclipse, it’s huge in Breaking Dawn. Give us our Seth and Leah.

2- we want the full roster for the New Moon soundtrack and we want it now. That jawnt ‘s comin out in October. Come on with it already.

3- apparently “we” are waiting with baited breath to find out if and when Breaking Dawn will be made into a film. I was under the impression this was a total GO, but apparently we’re still waiting to hear for sure how they are gonna pull BD off and WHEN they plan on doing it.

4- and finally, we totally WANT MIDNIGHT SUN to be written. C’mon Stephenie Meyer. Stop effing with this graphic novel and keeeeep writing, finish MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!

Damn we are demanding little mothers aren’t we? The fact is though, all those things are important to us. Think of this little obsession of ours as almost never having to end. SO many goodies to come!

Here’s TayLaut and Kstew killing us with their sex eyes on the cover of this week’s EW:

stop looking at me like that kristen. I know, you're a sexy bitchface.

stop looking at me like that kristen. I know, you're a sexy bitchface.



One response

13 08 2009

Give us Midnight Sun. the 264 pages that can be Dl’ed at Meyer’s official site are not enough. Love that draft. In fact, I will go so far as to say I wish we say more of Edwards point of view in Twilight….get a little more darkness going on for the true vampire feeling.

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