Rob’s spends his cash money on Kristen

12 08 2009

Holler for a dollar!!!  

I very much enjoyed reading this article from ShowbizSpy..who is this showbiz spy anyway? 

Apparently Robear is burning up that credit buying things for Kstew- as he should be!

“He looks for rare, vintage things, which he knows Kristen likes. So far, Rob has found a black-and-white Beatles photo that cost about $300 and a 1970s concert T-shirt that set him back $400!”

Apparently Robear told his buddies he texts Kristen 400 times a month!!

He says a day doesn’t feel right unless he talks to her a dozens times — anything that goes through his mind, he relays to her,” a source said.

Too cute for words. 


sexy bitchfaces

sexy bitchfaces





2 responses

12 08 2009

This pics make be think…yeah bitches who thought they had Mr.Robber sexy ass. Now what! I really hope they re the next brad and angie. I look at them and I am just so proud of them. Yea RP ❤ KW.

14 08 2009

Those two are so perfect together. Kristen is a total match for Robert and their eye color isalmost identical . They are better looking together than Brad and Angelina. I liked Brad better with Jen

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