BryceHo was first choice, says Hardwicke

11 08 2009

Whoa, way to spill those beans Catherine Hardwicke. Apparently Bryce Dallas Howard was her first choice to play Victoria when she was casting Twilight but BryceHo thought that role was too small at the time, so she turned it down.

It’s kind of a shame too that this info was slipped out, because it almost makes it look even sketchier that Summit just “fired” Rachelle out of the blue like that. It’s like they wanted BryceHo all along.

Look, I’m not a BryceHo hater and I’m sure she will kill it as Victoria, but the politics of all this is so lame. Leave it to Hollywood to mess with our precious characters. 


I really hope her hair is at least wavy in Eclipse. Summit needs to stop playing with my emotions.

I really hope her hair is at least wavy in Eclipse. Summit needs to stop playing with my emotions.



One response

12 08 2009

So as I was driving to the gym this morning listening to my Twilight soundtrack, as always, I started thinking about this post and started becoming really angry. Who does BryceHo think she is, turning down the role of Victoria because “it was too small (a part) at the time.” DID SHE NOT READ THE BOOKS! She does NOT deserve to play Victoria, she’s a saga hater and I don’t care if she says otherwise. If she read the books she’d know that, yes Victoria’s role in Eclipse is bigger as she is the bad guy, but if Summit follows the book, her part is still minimal as she doesn’t make her true appearance until the end. Up till the fight scene she is merely jumping along the border or sending her newbies to gather a few of Bella’s things. Seriously, what a load of bull, I really don’t like her now. It’s crap I tell you, I already told Lindsay (BaltimoreBella) she’ll have to hold me back June 30 because I might through something at her face when she come’s across the screen or at least starting yelling “who’s a hoooooooooooooe.”

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