14 second trailer preview

11 08 2009

I’m guessing this is the one you’ll get to see when you sneak into Bandslam and then sneak out into another movie.

Let me amend this by saying, this is not the entire trailer. You have to go see Bandslam to get to see the entire trailer. Summit released a 14 second preview of the new trailer, the exclusive to Bandslam trailer, in an attempt to get you to go see Bandslam. (OBVS another Summit film, sneaky sneaky those Summits)




6 responses

11 08 2009

That’s it! That’s weak for a second trailer, Summitt really needs to pick it up.

11 08 2009

No no, that’s not the entire trailer. you have to go see Bandslam to watch the entire trailer, remember? Thats a preview of a trailer. LOL

11 08 2009

His abs look fakies.

11 08 2009

fakies = fake

11 08 2009

Bandslam, shamslam, some smart person will leak it on the internet sometime soon.

11 08 2009

okay i dont care call me a pedoooo but GOOD GOOOGA MOOOGA!!!!! 8 sec. in the clip!!! oh the very very bad thoughts.
shame shame shame on me….where is my husband????

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