TwiGirl Fashions – TCA ’09

10 08 2009

My TwiGirls always seem to “vamp” it up just right when attending an event. I personally think Ashley, K.Strew, and Nikki Reed totally killed the fashion game at the Teen Choice Awards ’09. (Airing tonight at 8:00pm on Fox)

I applaud each of them for dressing appropriately for the occasion, as well as factoring in their own personal style and individuality. Which Twilight lady do you think “vamped” it up the best at the TCA?

Rockin' the Rock in Republic

Rockin' the Rock & Republic

Cutie w/ a Bootie

Cutie w/ a Booty

Hottie w/ a Body

Hottie w/ a Body

(leave your opinion in the comments section. k thanks)




6 responses

10 08 2009

whoa are those spikes on kstew’s skirt? JG would be so proud!

10 08 2009

I think Kristen fucken rocked the shit out of the outfit and the hair! And Ash… how cute can cute get ? Well I see pretty f’n cute. And nikki she is just sexy as hell! So worthy

10 08 2009

Kristen’s skirt is actually bullets. i love the hair and the shoes.

Ashley looks adorable as always, although i think i like the op half of the dress better than the bottom half.

Nikki looks nice, i think i like the hair and the shoes better than the dress….maybe if the sleeves weren’t poofy and the pattern didn’t look like curtains. i dunno.

overall, i’m pleased, i suppose.

10 08 2009

bullets?? wowza! even better.

10 08 2009

YES all three of them look so HOT. And look, KStew pulled the mullet back into a chic pony! Love her the mostest.

10 08 2009

It’s Ashley for me all the way. She almost never fails.

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