the men of twilight at TCA

10 08 2009

i cannot wait to watch this tonight! i was so bummed that i thought i missed it – alas i just realized they happened last night, but not airing until tonight. yay!

3 hottie amigos

the cullen boys

looks like each of our cullen boys stuck to their traditional style formulas: preppy slutz, plaid and slightly disheveled roBear and classic vested jBone. hey — if ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!

TayLaut, on the other hand, seems to be still finding his signature style. don’t get me wrong, he’s totally gorg in everything he wears (no pedo) but i think he has yet to claim a specific steez. nah mean? here his outfit is slightly justin timberlake-y, which i dig. and judging by the flock of women around him, he must be wearing Axe body spray.

ohh la la ... hello, wolfy.

ohh la la ... hello, wolfy.

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[via PicApp]




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