robsten: it’s true. it’s ON. deal with it.

7 08 2009


this shit is so not a media ploy

this shit is so not a media ploy

Look, all I know is this: the interwebs and the twitters have been a buzz today because someone over at Letters2Twilight actually saw for her own very eyes, these two at a Bobby Long show together last night in LA. She actually gave a very detailed account to RadarOnline. Click there to read it.

Other “sources” saw supposed Kstew boyfriend Michael Arangano, out with an unidentified brunette that was NOT Kstew last night.

They were on separate dates. That’s all there is to that.

THEN, le sigh, it gets even better. Multiple sites, including E!’s the Awful Truth reports that Robear and Kstew, spent the night together in the same room, at the Chateau Marmont- where it all goes DOWN..

According to a witness, R-Pattz and Kristen showed up with another male Brit at the fabled hotel in the evening, and a guitar was delivered to their room shortly thereafter, at approximately 8:45. 

They totally just wanted to jam dudes, and I am so stoked on that. That’s how they do.

But the evening apparently wasn’t all music-making; the eyewitness says that the other male left the suite at about 1:30 a.m, leaving the rumored couple to enjoy some alone time.

Of course, they probably just spent the early-morning hours reading poetry to each other, right?

Alone time .Alone time. Nanny nanny.

They are blissfully in love, that’s all there is to report on that ish.

I’m out.




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7 08 2009

Oh please don’t toy with my emotions. I now know why little girls cry when they see a super star. I want to cry! Please let this be true true. Ms cupcake I love you I can sleep with wonderful dreams of them as a “thing”

8 08 2009

This seriously made my day yesterday, after the my gym’s hairdryer catching fire in my hand (no injuries sustained thank goodness), have a Bella moment and tripping on the cement stairs on my way into work taking a chunk of skin from my toe from the fall, and then losing my car key, I didn’t think anything good was going to come of yesterday until I read this. Seriously made my day, all I want is for them to be happily together if that is what they want.

P.S. according to O.A.R. at their concert last night, they wrote a song for the next Twilight movie, I’m pretty sure they are talking about New Moon since I don’t feel like they’d already be working on the Eclipse soundtrack. Anyway, the song is called “Love is Worth the Fall” and my guess, it will be played when Bella jumps. iTunes doesn’t have it yet, so I just googled it and the first site option has it on YouTube, but of course the video has been removed. Funny thing is, everyone’s saying its from the Twilight soundtrack. I think they all need to check themselves and realize it’s not on it. Anyway, here it is … I love how songs are writen for the movie.

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