Be a Twilight Beauty!!

5 08 2009

VAMP IT UP starting August 17th!!!

Twilight Beauty is COMING, and I will completely be suckered into this by my desire to transform into Bella Swan and to surround myself with all things Twi.

There are two brands within the brand- Luna Twilight and Volturi Twilight, inspired by the kick ass women of Twi.

This is a collabo with DuWop Beauty the creators of that fab Lip Venom, so it’s sure to be quality, which is promising- cause they coulda done paired with Wet N Wild, mass marketed that shit and called it a moneymaking DAY.

Packaging looks dope too.

And get this- they have over 70 products they are coming out with. SEVENTY! 7-0!!!

The Luna Collection

The Luna Collection



The Luna Twilight Beauty Collection

The Luna collection of Twilight Beauty, said to be inspired by the female characters of the Twilight books and movies, is made up of mostly soft, natural makeup enhancers. Featured products include First Light Body and Face Glow, which highlights and adds a shimmery glow to any surface of the body (rumor has it that Edward likes it on the neck). Gleam Metallic Mascara, another featured product, capitalizes on more than just the Twilight franchise, by taking advantage of the cosmetics industry’s recent burst of metallicized mascaras.

The Volturi Twilight Beauty Collection

Where the Luna Twlight Beauty collection is soft and subtle, the Volturi collection is just as any Twilight fan would expect: colorful, intense, and anything but demure. A stand out of the collection, Labyrynth Shadows are sure to be a big hit with teens and those who favor strong pigments that are easily mixed. Like mineral makeup, one of the fastest growing cosmetics segments, these shadows come in loose pigments that are easily customizable. Here’s to hoping their stackable pots keep things a little more neat and tidy than their mineral counterparts.


Order it from starting August 17, 2009. The Luna Twilight makeup collection will be available September 15, 2009, at Dillard’s and Nordstrom. Volturi Twilight makeup collection will be available September 15, 2009, through specialty retailers.

This makes me SO happyface.


Volturi Mascara? Yes please

Volturi Mascara? Yes please

blood red, Im IN

blood red, Im IN




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6 08 2009

So… yeah… I’ll probably buy all of it. :-/

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