4 08 2009

It’s that time of year kids.  Eclipse is starting rehearsals & filming, and the cast is descending upon Vancouver one by one..

Rehearsals start tomorrow bitches! This means the set pics, and gossip will be in FULL SWING in no time. Get ready… 

Rosalie & Emmett are already in the house, Nikki even brought Paris Latsis. LOLZ. so is BryceHo. Its official, we are SO not getting Rachelle back so let’s just try to deal with it. Adorable Ashley is already there too. Some of the Volturi as well. They’ve all been spotted arriving at the airport…personally Im just waiting for the Holy Trinity of Twilight (Robsten plus TayLaut) to touchdown, and then I know it will time to get this PARTAY STARTED.


Slutz & Ash, Nikki, BryceHo

Slutz & Ash, Nikki, the 2 NEWBIES together: BryceHo & Xavier Samuel

our dollface Ashley

our dollface Ashley


Slutz loves his newsboy cap

Slutz loves his newsboy cap

Also CARLISLE IS ON HIS WAY. Peter Facinelli just tweeted:


Morning. Heading to Vancouver. Got 3 hrs of sleep last night. Hope I don’t fall asleep in rehearsals. Ahh.. I’ll sleep when I’m undead.

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(pics via

So tight.




5 responses

4 08 2009

let the games begin!

4 08 2009

All I can say is two things: 1) WOOHOO!!!! I can’t wait for Vancouver and 2) it looks like BryceHo is a go, boooo, at least Victoria is hiding in the shadows until the fight scene and even then her part is minimal in the book … Summit better not make her part bigger [insert Edward’s snarl here}.

5 08 2009

Excitement! Excitement! Exciiiiiaaayyyytment! (to the tune of the “announcements” jingle)

Let the morning website photo stalking ritual begin!

5 08 2009

god damn peter. i love you.

5 08 2009

I saw Taylor and Nikki together today on Robson Street!

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