nikki reed zinger! dude looks like a lady

2 08 2009

On Thursday, darling nikki chatted with People mag and had this to say about roBear’s affect on the female population:

“Rob is sort of feminine looking and I think young girls like boys that look like women.”

i love u nikki, but thems fightin words!

i love u nikki, but them's fightin' words!

OUCH. ok, it’s possible – although i personally don’t agree with roBear being in the androgynous category. JamBo, on the other hand, is a perfect example of this theory in action.  i can’t help but sense some resentment in her comment.

… per the sigO pledge, i will just stop my commentary here.

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7 responses

2 08 2009

ew. I mean really THAT COULD BE A COMPLIMENT. I didnt post anything on this cause I was sick of people all hating on her cause she said he was feminine. KStew says he’s sensitive and feminine all the time. HE IS. He is not a MEATHEAD. He is NOT A JOCK. HE HAS A PRETTY FACE. DUH. NOT AN INSULT.
thems is so not fightin words.

2 08 2009

Love Nikki, not hating, but is she foreal? I definitely don’t see him looking feminine, he is just a gentleman and there is nothing wrong with a man being a gentleman, crap we definitely need more of them in the world.

18 09 2009

Rings of resentment to me. Sour grapes? I don’t find Rob feminine at all. The only way a woman would say that about a man (especially since they were linked at one point) would be because of sour grapes and hurt feelings. Then again..perhaps she’s unfamiliar with men possessing class? Could be.

31 10 2009

Rob is a gentelman i mean really though, feminem? Isent that kinda harsh, but then again im 12, and i like rob, alot or well from what iv seen in interviews he seems sweet, And i guess mabey he is a bit feminem.

27 11 2009

hola,si no saveis español os sera muy dificil entenderme me encanta crepusculo y que cambio de rosalie a ahora y vamos que alis,bueno adoro crepusculo y estoy anciosa de ver la película de eclipse y crepúsculo y sus actores.

11 12 2009
Babej youngstar 09

Yeaah rachelle lefevre is the REAL victoria !!
and the only one , in every way of coursee 🙂
Nikki looks reeally prettyon this pic..her white skin the faboulus brown eyes and soo on haha 😉
But why does she think that Rob looks like a woman ??!
I think he’s lookin like a normal guy, or what do u think bout that ?
just wanna say :


22 12 2009
kkdogs love you

really i dont think he is a fenimane guy hes sensitive and a gentleman truly i wish there were more of them in the world like sioucly well love you pattison and all the twilight peeps ❤

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