EW Vampire Ish

31 07 2009

You can pick this joint up on newsstands TODAY.

They choose the 20 Greatest Vampires of All Time–Edward Cullen comes in 4th.

Anne Rice also makes her pick for Best New Vamp.

I am dying to see where Bill Compton rates so I am off to Border’s to get me a copy. Stand by…


why is he behind Vampire Bill like that?

why is he behind Vampire Bill like that?

BAM! here’s the entire List, Bill & Eric come in just short at #5. Interesting. (I would have put Eric before Bill)

I am fully supportive of Lestat at #1. Sorry, I am the most Twi hard of all the Twi hards, but Lestat is def #1.

I would NOT have put Blade or Angel on this list, that’s just lame. And I would NOT have put Gary Oldman’s Dracula so far down the list. But that’s just ME. Apparently I fancy myself quite the Vampire expert.

Where is Louis or Armand from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles?

I AM impressed that David aka Keifer Sutherland from the Lost Boys is at #14. Good list, EW.

1. Lestat, Interview With the Vampire
2. Christopher Lee’s Dracula
3. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula
4. Edward Cullen, Twilight
5. Bill and Eric, True Blood
6. Asa Vajda, 1960’s Black Sunday
7. Angel
8. Mr. Barlow, Salem’s Lot
9. Schuyler Van Alen, Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series
10. Gary Oldman’s Dracula
11. Klaus Kinski’s Dracula
12. Zoey Redbird, P.C. and Kristin Cast’s House of Night series
13. Jean-Claude, Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series
14. David, 1987’s The Lost Boys
15. Miriam Blaylock and Sarah Roberts, 1983’s The Hunger
16. Blade, the Blade trilogy
17. Eli, 2008’s Let the Right One In
18. Countess Bathory, 1971’s Daughters of Darkness
19. Selene, the Underworld trilogy
20. Caleb and Mae, 1987’s Near Dark



5 responses

31 07 2009

WHF yO! he should be #1!

31 07 2009
Kelly O

I can get behind Angel on the list, but I think it should have been like the True Blood bit, Angel and Spike. (Full Disclosure: I am a huge Buffy-Lover, and many of my initial Twilight qualms were Buffy-Centric.)

Very glad to see Selene from Underworld on here too.

31 07 2009

I liked Spike better than Angel, it’s true. But they are not in Lestat’s Ivy League.

1 08 2009
Kelly O


Gary Oldman’s Dracula was one of the better parts of what was overall a wooden movie (I mean, he probably could have put in fake vampire teeth and eaten Cheetos the whole time to be better than Keanu and Winona trying to do British accents.)

1 08 2009

I think Angel definitely deserves to be on the list! Two episodes of Angel come on TNT every weekday morning. I go to the gym on weekday mornings and work out while watching both episodes. In other words, my morning dates with Angel are pretty much my only motivation to get up at 450am five days a week!

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