Bryce get used to it

31 07 2009

We are def TEAM RACHELLE, but this new Victoria is about to get hazed something SERIOUS by the paparazzi now that she has joined the Twilight cast.

Here is Ron Howard’s daughter out and about in Hollywood, ROCKIN that Victoria RED HAIR.  mmm-hmmm.


replacement Victoria. eh

replacement Victoria. eh

Pretty sure her hair is supposed to be wavy. Like this:


:sheds tear:

:sheds tear:



3 responses

31 07 2009
christina padilla

wow that chick is neon.
im not hating but dang she sure go the pale right…….i tear with you.

31 07 2009

haha yeah im with christina she def got the pale right lol. she has a unique look though gotta admit that

1 08 2009

Christina – I was just about to say the same thing.

I miss Rachelle and it will not be the same without her, but I think Bryce takes the cake over Rach in the pale department.

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