Summit says its HER fault

29 07 2009

Look, I just have a really hard time believing this actress, as smart as she seems, would knowingly risk her STARRING role as Victoria in Eclipse for this insignificant role in Barney’s Version, and tried to hide it from Summit, as Summit would want us to believe. Why would she do that? She loved the character of Victoria, she loved the fans of the Twilight Saga, which she showed just as recently as a few days ago at Comic Con. Either this is just really really bad communication, or Summit recast in it’s own best interest without even trying to negotiate. I tend to believe the latter. It’s just more believable. Victoria was Rachelle’s GOLDEN TICKET. Why would she knowingly fuck that up?


real talk

real talk




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30 07 2009

I agree, I think Summit is just trying to cover their asses by coming out with that statement.

her biggest part for Victoria is in Eclipse, she had to have said something to someone about this small leave of absence….

30 07 2009
Kelly O

And Victoria herself doesn’t make an appearance until the very last part of the story too. I mean, she’s a principal character, but it’s not like she would have the screen time of Bella, Edward, Jacob, etc. I mean, we see Billy Black more in this one, we see a good bit of Charlie. Victoria has basically one (important) scene, although the story revolves around her a bit – and remember, Bella only figured out the connection at graduation, it’s not like she was in the forefront until that point.

I just do not understand this. Some of the movie decisions have been baffling at best, but this is just absurd.

30 07 2009

Summit’s response …

July 29th, 2009

“We at Summit Entertainment are disappointed by Rachelle Lefevre’s recent comments which attempt to make her career choices the fault of the Studio. Her decision to discuss her version of the scheduling challenges publicly has forced the Studio to set the record straight and correct the facts.
Ms. Lefevre’s representatives were advised as early as April that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE was expected to start shooting in early August.

If Ms. Lefevre was, as she describes “passionate,” about being part of THE TWILIGHT SAGA, we feel that she and her representatives would have included us in her decision to work on another film that would conflict with the shooting schedule of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE.

It was not until July 20th that Summit was first informed of Ms. Lefevre’s commitment to BARNEY’S VERSION, a commitment we have since been advised she accepted in early June. Summit had acted in good faith that she would be available to fulfill her obligations both in terms of rehearsals and shooting availability for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. We feel that her choice to withhold her scheduling conflict information from us can be viewed as a lack of cooperative spirit which affected the entire production.

Furthermore Ms. Lefevre took a role in the other film that places her in Europe during the required rehearsal time, and at least ten days of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE’s principal photography. This period is essential for both rehearsal time with the cast, and for filming at key locations that are only available during the initial part of production.

Contrary to Ms. Lefevre’s statement, it is simply untrue that the Studio dismissed her over a ten day overlap. It is not about a ten day overlap, but instead about the fact that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is an ensemble production that has to accommodate the schedules of numerous actors while respecting the established creative vision of the filmmaker and most importantly the story.

The fact remains that Ms. Lefevre’s commitment to the other project – which she chose to withhold from Summit until the last possible moment – makes her unfortunately unavailable to perform the role of Victoria in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE.”

As pissed as I am, they have a point about accomodating so many actors. I just wish they could have reached some sort of compromise before letting her go. All I have to say is it better be a damn good movie.

30 07 2009

E! News
Ousted “Twilight” star Rachelle Lefevre, studio enlist lawyers in battle over casting switcheroo

30 07 2009

Oh shnap! (And yes I mean to spell it that way).

2 08 2009

Scummit sucks! (And yes I mean to spell it that way)

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