new moon soundtrack & official movie companion – order now!

29 07 2009

pre-order alert!

so i went to looking for more info on The Haunted Airman, when lo and behold, amazon tells me there are 2 other items that are apparently frequently bought together? frequently? am i the last person alive to realize the soundtrack and official paperback movie companion are already available for pre-order? am i JJ from under the rock??

$12.99 for the soundtrack HOLLAAAA


the New Moon soundtrack will be dropping Oct. 13, and the movie companion thingamajigger will be Oct. 6.

(…and now back to our regularly scheduled post…)

The Haunted Airman, a BBC production based on the novel The Haunting of Toby Jugg by Dennis Wheatley, is now available for pre-order on Release date is October 13.

dzayum i love me some roBear a la mac cosmetics action

dzayum i love me some roBear a la mac cosmetics action

roBear plays an injured pilot who downward spirals into madness while confined to an eerie hospital mansion, and it’s supposed to be super awesome. i will be the judge of that!



3 responses

29 07 2009
29 07 2009

IM suprised at how Edward looking he is in that Last Airman picture- with the topaz eyes and everything

29 07 2009

As far as the CD goes, I’d wait to see what iTunes offers. For some reason, in comparing my Twilight soundtrack, that I bought off iTunes, compared to the CD BaltimoreBella bought in the store, mine came with a couple extra songs that her’s did not, like both of Edward’s tunes. SIGH they are some of my favorite, I usually hit “rpt.” on my car radio to hear over and over again.

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