Bryce Vs. Rachelle

29 07 2009
both gingers- but that's about it 


both gingers- but that's about it


OK so now the media is giving their two cents about this switcheroo.  

Apparently they think the casting of Bryce Dallas Howard is a move made by the studio to attract more male fans to the franchise. Howard’s last role was as Christian Bale’s girlfriend in Terminator:Salvation.   She was also the star of Spider Man 3. And we all know Eclipse is the MOST action packed of the Saga (yes even Breaking Dawn). If they can get dudes on board wanting to see it too, think of all the dollar$ to be made!!

A LOT of fans feel like if it had really been Rachelle’s decision, she would be tweeting about it, since she is an “avid tweeter”. Something’s fishy in Forks, indeed.


Howard as a blonde in Spider Man 3, our precious Victoria

Howard as a blonde in Spider Man 3, our precious Victoria

I am really pissed Summit had the nerve to say that Rachelle brought the chracter to “life”, but that Bryce will bring Victoria “new dimension”. I call bullshit. Again.


she cuter as a blonde, my personal opinion

she's cuter as a blonde, my personal opinion

but she's naturally a redhead. know why? cause she is Ron Howard's daughter. yes Opie's daughter with be playing vicious Victoria. FML.

but she's naturally a redhead. know why? cause she is Ron Howard's daughter. yes Opie's daughter will be playing vicious Victoria. FML

So in conclusion, if this change was really Rachelle’s own personal decision, then I would do my best to try to envision this chick as Victoria. BUT if this was some dick move made by Summit to attract male fans, and they blindsided this lovely actress, then I will not be so supportive. 

I wonder how the rest of the cast feels. Do they feel as betrayed as the rest of us? haha…



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29 07 2009

her nose looks very nose-jobby. like she has altered her face to try and look like julia roberts. like that lady who got plastic surgery to look more like a cat. i’m trying not to hate, but i just can’t help it.

29 07 2009


29 07 2009

I think that this SUCKS… A lot!!! I LOVE Rachelle, she IS Victoria & I’m gonna have a hard time watching anyone else play her! I personally don’t think Bryce Dallas Howard will be able to play Victoria like Rachelle played Victoria… She looks to innocent & like she’s way to nice to be a vicious vendictive killer vampire!!!

Question… How is Bryce Dallas Howard gonna bring in more male fans?! I don’t get it!!!

26 03 2010

Hey, i am now a recent twilight saga fan and i don’t like this news about the new eclipse. I think that Rachelle L. played a really great villain vampire and i don’t think anyone else can do better. Plus i also don’t like when there is a movie series and in one or a couple movies they start out with one person playing the character and then switch it but its still supposed to be the same character. This is stupid, i am a guy and i was brought to this movie not when i found out about bryce howard but because i was interested on why everyone liked it and the books so much. So they should bring back Rachelle because she played a really good victoria and was excited to see her in eclipse, but now i am dissappointed. seeya 😦

29 07 2009

Seems like this is definitely not something Rachelle was down with. She is an avid tweeter and there has been no comments from her since Comic Con. What is going on? That male viewer statement is completely crap. We all need to raise hell about this. Something is not jiving with this story.

29 07 2009

If Summit didn’t feel like Rachelle was able to attract male fans to the movie, then maybe they should have just reminded the said male fans of her role as a stripper in “What About Brian.” And hate away JJ, hate away. After watching the interview that featured Kellan, Nikki and Rachelle on a couch together, their friendship chemistry was obvious, I definitely hopes this pisses of the cast. RIDICULOUS!!!!

29 07 2009

Summit kicked her out. What’s the crappiest part of it is that she found out when all of us did. just back on the 17th she was talking about “starting shooting in a few weeks for Eclipse”….

i’m hearing it’s due to her filming of Barney’s Version taking 10 days out of the Eclipse schedule….and yet Jackson Rathbone was given 4 weeks out of the Eclipse schedule for something called Girlfriend, according to this article here:

i think they just wanted her out and tried to come up with a way to do it.

30 07 2009
RSM @ The Twiangle

My question is how will this BENEFIT the filming of Eclipse?? She doesn’t have two movies under her belt playing the character…she doesn’t have existing relationships with the CAST…the cast is put in an awkward position. I just don’t see the benefit (besides throwing a bone to Ron Howard, and maybe trying to line their pockets for further favors or more male fans). I. Am. Not. A. Happy. Camper. Summit is a bunch of fucktards.

30 07 2009

i agree, i don’t think this really puts the rest of the cast in a good position either. it benefits nobody but Summit.

23 08 2009

too bad..Rachelle is better..i don’t like she relieve rachelle?she isn’t good.she is stink.

26 08 2009

Vs. Rachelle

27 08 2009

i cant believe thy’re replacing her!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? If I was a twilight star (I wish!!!) I would be so pissed!!!!! I agree with StephLorenzo, I think they just needed a reason to cut her from the movie, and this lame-ass excuse was the best they could come up with!!!!!!!!!!!and this bryce chick looks way too friendly to be a sedistic, vampiric, murdering machine!!!!!!! Rachelle is perfect for the part. I. AM. NOT. HAPPY. WITH. THIS.

Love and Blood, April.

8 09 2009
Team Rachelle


21 09 2009

I think she is cool in all but i also think Rachelle is a better vampire!!!
LOVE Timara 4-ever~

16 10 2009

bad move, very bad move.
Rachelle is incredibly gorgeous and is canadian btw! and an amazing actress, summit should feel honored to have had her in the first place, im a huge fan of twilight and replacing the charachters, especially to ugly one like bryce, who im sorry looks like any other girl, is like changing the story, and i love the story, so if anything its gonna make less in the box office cuz of the change.

thank you summit for ruining eclipse, what would be my favortie one from the saga collection.

17 10 2009

the change was made because rachelle had made prior arrangement and the scheduling didn’t work out with eclipse.
you guys are being over-dramatic, and i really don’t think you should let this ruin the whole movie.

18 10 2009

I dont think it’s as simple as that. At the time this post was created, Rachelle Lefevre publicly had just announced her shock and sadness over finding out she was re-cast. The fans love her. And it will take away from the movie a bit for those of us who have enjoyed seeing Rachelle as Victoria.

6 01 2010

“the scheduling didn’t work out”

Jackson rathbone was given 4 WEEKS instead of just 10 DAYS
I usually don’t like it when the cast is changed, especially not after allready two movies… it totally ruined the mummy3 for me so i’m not really looking forward seeing Bryce in Eclipse
how ever i’m still excited about everything else of new moon

6 01 2010

i meant eclipse Sorry

22 10 2009

I think both actresses are beautiful and am sad that rachelle won’t return. however bryce is an amazing actress and i think she will do the role justice.

9 11 2009

that is sooooooo very wak okie dokie dokie how the F do you just change characters on dedicated fans like woah that’s like insukting like hmm maybe they wont notice because the main characters are bella edward and jacob but no no we notice! grr

10 11 2009
u dont need to know

There was nothing wrong with Rachelle… all of the viewers were perfectly happy with her. Why did they have to change something that fine. Are they trying to get fans mad?!>

14 11 2009

Rachel fits the role of Victoria perfectly. I agree, changing one of the cast is like changing the whole story..besides, whenever I see Rachel’s pic I see Victoria and when I look at Bryce’s it just wouldn’t fit, like a piece of a puzzle that’s out of place..she looks too innocent..For me, Summit owes Rachel an apology for kicking her out just because “she can’t attract more male fans”..that is sooo lame! And will Bryce be able to do that? I don’t think so..

16 11 2009

for me Victoria although team edward and cullen’s supporter and friend isone of my fav roles alonf with edward and jane cam who played james in twilight also had work to do and they managed to make the shooting schedule flexible for him to work in twilight as well as in another parallerl project so i think they could have done that for me she is so beautiful seems so simple and sweet to her fans and loves her role so i do not accept another actress i know eventually since i love the saga i will have to accept her but ofr me summit was completely wrong on this!

2 12 2009

WE WANT RACHELLE! Bryce better give justice to the role of Victoria. Cause Victoria is one of the fiercest vamps around.

4 12 2009

I think, after reading the description of Victoria’s looks in the book, Rachelle was and will still be the ultimate actress to portray Victoria and I don’t understand why they are replacing Rachelle; she didn’t only bring the character to life, she really IS the character.
Team Rachelle for me, please bring her back. Period.

5 12 2009
Valao Kole

I think Rachelle is and will be the best choice for Victoria`s character. If i have to I`ll shout out to the world “DO NOT REPLACE RACHELLE WITH SOME ******* *****!!!!” I am totally, completely and eternally against that Bryce … thing!

14 01 2010

I read something in a magazine, I don’t remember which one, about this. Rachelle said that she had no idea they were even replacing her. She has a different movie deal that would cause her to miss the first couple days of filming for Eclipse so Summit had to go and be stupid and replace her with this Bryce chick. I don’t think she;ll be able to make Victoria the character she needs to be, like Rachelle did.

18 01 2010

I agree. Rachelle was the REAL VICTORIA. If it was her choice, fine. Bryce will do. But if it was Summit being retarded (yes, retarded) then Bryce can kiss Rachelle’s butt and Summit can bring back the REAL VICTORIA!

21 02 2010

really I never cared for rachelle i don’t remember her doing anything so spectacular that Bryce wouldn’t be able to do. i really wouldn’t mind if they recasted rob and kristen either and thats coming from a fan before the movies were made

6 03 2010

I am so sad that rachel is being replaced. I think is is ridiculous that its rumored to be because they want to attract more guys because rachel is absolutely BEAUTIFUL so if she cant attract male fans who can? i dont have a problem with bryce, i liked her in spider man three, but in my mind rachel IS victoria.

7 03 2010

Ok, guys, let’s get a grip. Rachelle was and is an awesome Victoria, but the hardest part of this is simply we as Twilight fans just do not want to see a cast change. However, if you have read the books Bryce fits the description of Victoria more precisely than Rachelle and that is the only reason why I am excepting the change. Also I don’t think the change is going to be all that devastating since Victoria really doesn’t come dramatically into the series until Eclipse anyways. Think about it. She had only a few lines in Twilight and in New Moon the persuit of her was the subject more so than she actually having a supporting part in the film. We are going to see alot of Victoria in Eclipse and it is really at this time that we are actually going to see the character that has been developed through Twilight and Eclipse. Bryce has alot to live up to, but the change may be for the best. Yes it is horrible, but Summit isn’t going to do anything that is going to compromise the quality of the film.

12 03 2010

I think Rachelle did a great job in both movies, she’s everything i imagined victoria to be, even though she didnt have lines in new moon, thats what makes her a good actress, she can portray perfectly hatred and revenge, I wanted to see more of her in eclipse. what summit said about Rachelle not atracting male viewers for me is bullshit, because she’s beautiful and sexy, Bryce isnt that at all, she looks too sweet and not wild like rachelle. I think Rachelle is the perfect victoria,and it’s not fair for her, because she built the character so well, and Bryce took that from her is just wrong. Summit mad a HUGE MISTAKE. Hate it Hate it Haaaate it!!!!!!

14 03 2010

I think it’s better this way…Bryce is a better actress. Who cares about looks. The fact is maybe I won’t want to laugh after Bryce says her lines. But this is coming from an older twilight fan, clearly.

24 04 2010
Matt Vajazzle

To the comment that the change was made to attract more male fans to the Twilight series – you gotta be kidding! It’s Twilight. Males are not going to care, no matter what they do. You can’t be a heterosexual male and care about this series, except to benefit from your girl getting all worked up over it!

12 05 2010

No no, you people got it all wrong. Rachelle got the boot because she was demanding more money and her own little set schedule like a diva, when she was really nothing to the movie and could be replaced.. Yes, she was probably more gorgeous than this new girl, but this new girl isn’t being a diva.

Quote: “After the success of the first film, Summit axed Rachelle Lefevre, who played Victoria, in part because her reps played hardball on money and scheduling.”

6 07 2010

Matt Vajazzle,

Here here. my first thought when I saw her in eclipse was ‘hmm she looks different than the other movies.’ It was probably half way through the movie before I thought she must have been replaced. Love both actresses. First one was better vampire as far as chick flick vampires go, but either one makes me happy to look at.

8 07 2010

While Bryce Howard did a fine job, I definitely feel that Rachelle played a better Victoria. She was more cat-like and fierce as I imagine Victoria to be when reading the books. Even though Meyer’s describes the character as having a high-pitched, childlike voice, which I do believe Bryce fit better, Rachelle nailed the character as a whole. I get the whole being more of a brillant red, but Bryce’s hair was sooooooooo distracting. I don’t know if it was too much volume or the feeling that she was wearing a fire red helmet on with what appeared to be too much hairspray. But holy crow that hair.

14 07 2010

Wow what a bunch of whingers most of you are. I trust the haters didn’t bother seeing the film then?

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