jasper + alice love

27 07 2009

I seriously couldn’t help but snagging these off of I Felt Hope.net – a Jackson & Ashley/Jasper & Alice fansite. 




Just because, when shit is cute, SHIT IS CUTE. That is all.



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28 07 2009

One of the hair dresser’s at the salon I go to up in Towson, MD, seriously looks like Ashley Green, minus she has blonde hair but their faces are pretty much a match. Unfortunately I chickened out the other day telling my hair dresser so, oh well, I’m sure I’ll see her again next time. But if anyone is in the Towson area and would like to confirm if my thoughts are correct, go to the TowsonTown Center and to Bubbles salon, 4th floor by right outside of Macy’s.

28 07 2009

yes, that shit is CUTE!!!!! what is on his tie? please tell me it’s an owl with jester slippers on. please?

28 07 2009

So the best answer I have heard at any convention I have been to….this was during a Jackson Q&A…..
Fan: If you could be stranded on a deserted island with anyone from the cast, who would it be and why?
Jackson: *BIG SMILE and little giggle* How about I will promise to answer the ‘who’ part of the question honestly if you don’t make me answer the why.
Fan: Deal
Jackson: *dramatic pause* (deep sultry voice) Ashley *blushes as red as a tomoto*

29 07 2009

THAT is ADORABLE. Jackson Blushing. about Ashely. i’m dying a little its so cute.

29 07 2009
Would I Twi To You??

FYI, Ashley is wearing a fall 2008 Marc by Marc Jacobs top.

29 07 2009

Don’t you mean FY Twi?

31 07 2009

definatley cute i think it is an owl lol

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