frame it, its a cast portrait

25 07 2009

Twilight has 2 other, check them out here!

But, this, this one is a keeper. My favorite. It’s like it should go in my wallet. 


we really are the sexiest people in all of the land

we really are the sexiest people in all of the land




2 responses

25 07 2009

be in your wallet. as if…. you were reading the thoughts from my mind…. you so get me. I wonder if RP has his hand in KS back Pocket? HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!(but i cant wait for her mulet to go away) btw so since remember me is a wrap does this mean he will be going back to LA?????????? or london????

26 07 2009

Okay I am feeling a little (tiny) bit team “also” Jake today i watched and watched and watched all the yt videos and then i was cought off my team Edward gard…. I was watching KS get all schoochie and RP get all schoochie and they are so cute together like they need a fix of eachother or something…but Jake is Still very sure of himself and very easy and sweet!!!! could be that it was like 2am but he is just the pepper to Edwards salt I think if the heavens could mix the two Jake and Edward in to ONE MAN! OMG!!!!! Every female would literally Explode where they stand!!!! the list would be endless anyway want to share that thought. I and in love with them both and the only thing keeping me from going all team Jake is his age :0) and that THAT KISSING SCENE IN BELLA’S ROOM WHERE HE SAID “DON’T MOVE” he had me at “Don’….” Jake baby had me when he too his shirt off!!!! lol
new moon (116 days: 15 hours :04 min)
eclips (339 days: 14hours: 03 min) but whos counting?

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