cute expression round-up

25 07 2009

i don’t know bout y’all, but i’ve been beside myself in twi-consumption mode the past couple of days. videos and pics from comic-con are everywhere! it’s like a feast for the senses. in fact, i am pretty sure i have watched the 2 bootleg clips about 17jillion times. here are some gems that made me LOL.

smolder + zoinks

really? + zoinks

dance-off + smolder

dance-off + smolder





glowering part 2

glowering part 2

there’s a big old gallery over at Socialite Life that is only slightly tainted by their inclusion of rumer willis and audrina patridge.




2 responses

25 07 2009

Okay yes why those are great faces I have be practicing my “pimp my camera” face jj and cupcake seem to do flawlessly every time. I manage the tard face with out effort. πŸ˜‰

27 07 2009

When I saw Ashley earlier this month, she talked about how her mom yelled at her for letting people capture her on camrea making that face all the time!! πŸ™‚

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