Real talk: Comic Con NM Panel Re-Cap

23 07 2009

OK so there were NO VIDEOS allowed this year at the panel, unlike last year. SO I am going to do my very best to re-cap, alliecupcake style. And for the record, I was not in attendance, this is what I have gathered from the press and twitter.

First off the panel this year included: Director Chris Weitz, K-Stew, Robear, Ashley Adorable Greene, and TayLaut.  No Nikki 😦  But then again Rosalie isn’t a big part of New Moon so I wont make sadface.


interesting seating arrangement

interesting seating arrangement

As you can see, Taylor was sat in between Kstew and Robear. Why? Maybe because Jacob really actually does come between them in the movie. Maybe Summit was trying to shake things up with the fans.

First they really got people hyped with showing a little tastey-taste of the movie. They showed a clip of the motorcycle scene with Jacob and Bella, also showing what Bella’s ghost like hallucinations of Edward will look like. Fans need to see this, New Moon is practically Edward Cullen-less. I am hoping that something leaks onto youtube…

Then questions from the fans. I am not going to re-cap all of these I will just key point the best ones.

First can I say apparently someone dressed as Dracula got up and asked Rob how he could be a better Dracula? LOLZ, Summit threw this question out, but props to that guy and his BALLS.

Through the fan questions, we learned various things- Taylor did all his own stunts, Rob just stood by and “looked pretty”. When the director was asked what the actors bring to their roles he said Rob was “cold and sparkly”, I like this guy, he makes funnies.

My favorite fan question- What are the actors looking forward to?

Ashley- Doing fight scenes in Eclipse, Taylor- the tent/ sleeping bag scene in Eclipse, KStew- “I can’t wait to actually get pregnant”, Rob- “Actually, being involved in the cesarean, I just can’t wait.”  Too effing funny. That was your price of admission right there kids.


"I will never do comedy, I am not very funny"  yeah right

"I will never do comedy, I am not very funny" yeah right

Taylor and Rob also rocked the dueling plaid shirts, and K-Stew was still very Joan Jett looking.


is she playing hard to get or WHAT?

is she playing hard to get or WHAT?

Now this is where Imma get all “alliecupcake” on you. I just have to say my peace about this. A LOT of you were mega pissed that Kristen didn’t come looking more “Bella”. Some of you even tweeted about extentions should have been put in her hair, that she showed up “out of it” dare I say “cracked out” and was completely moody and awkward. When have we known Kristen to be anything BUT awkward? If that bitch had shown up with some Hollywood-ass weave in, after we KNOW she was on SET filming the Runaways YESTERDAY in L.A., how fake would that be? She is REAL. This is why we love her. Or so I thought. She has been immersed in playing JOAN MOTHEREFFING JETT for about 2 months now. Joan Jett in heydey! Cracked out,moody, brooding, rocker chick Joan Jett. She was filming yesterday, you can see I was still mullet watching this morning!. She probably has to go right back on set tomorrow. At what point in her day was she to get this weave put in? Gimme a break.  You can’t expect someone to snap out of one character and into the other like that. No good actor should have to do that. I personally kind of feel bad for them for having to drop everything they are working on and just show up to Comic Con with screaming crazy fans. But they do it. Cause they love and appreciate us. Can we do the same back please? Kristen was doing Kristen. She’s great. Plus we all know she enjoys smoking the Devil’s Cabbage and maybe, just maybe her and JJ smoked a joint before the Comic Con. But that’s just speculation…


Okay now that I am finished, you should probably know that after they took fan questions and had a few laughs, they decided to show another CLIP. An ITALY CLIP! The scene where Bella and Alice are racing to save Edward, and then she runs thru the fountain! I heard it was nothing less than glorious. Part of me wants to see this, part of me wants to save it for November 20, 2009. Real talk.




Also watch these adorable videos of E!’s Ben Lyons interviewing Ashley, then Taylor and KStew here

NOTE- THEY DON’T HAVE TWITTERS, they are all fakes. but Ben Lyons does, @iambenlyons follow him, he’s cool.




3 responses

23 07 2009

Allie Ms. Keep’n it realCupCake! You so are… do I say???? MY evil TWIN together i feel we can take over the Twilight world!
so I will leave this by saying, “Yeah! What she said”.
now i am going to go back to my potter marathon! thanks lisa lynn i have watched four today….GOD he is even hot in potter!

23 07 2009

Love It!!!
I totally 100% agree with you Allie! Kristen was just being Kristen. People really need to lighten up… A LOT! I love Kristen! I think people are just jealous that she even looks good rockin a mean mullet! LOL! Ease up on KStew, peeps!!! =)

24 07 2009

sick coverage recap. i feel like i was there. though i was SO not 😦 😦 😦

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