Press Conference at Comic-Con Recap

23 07 2009

ok, so the ET live stream blew a big fat wad. FAIL

at least @twisource was holding it down with the live tweets! apparently it was roBear, tayLaut and kStew sitting in that order. (read from the bottom up)

  1. Rob confirms he won’t be contributing to the New Moon soundtrack. And with that, the press conference ends

  2. Press asked about off screen chemistry between Rob and Kristen, and Summit threw out the question. Kristen: *laughs* are you kidding me?

  3. Kristen and Rob didn’t have an answer.

  4. Q: What question do you never want to be asked EVER again by press? Taylor: To growl. I really don’t enjoy doing that.

  5. Kristen and Taylor’s favorite scene from New Moon is their friendship breakup scene. Rob jokes that’s his favorite too.
  6. They’ve seen just as many clips as the fans have seen, according to Rob, Taylor, and Kristen. The look and tone are “very different”

  7. Taylor: “Double the action” in New Moon compared to Twilight.

  8. Rob just revealed that the clip they’re playing during the New Moon panel later will have the ghost-like Edward

twitpic from @reelnews






7 responses

23 07 2009

Okay, first tear on RP not contributing to the New Moon soundtrack, his tunes on Twilight kick ass. I can’t believe Summit threw out that question, but I guess at the same time, it is their personal lives, but we all just want to know if they are happy or not (or course happy together would be great). Third, why is Taylor sitting inbetween RP and KS, I do not like, but I guess it is the poster order. And finally, is it November 20 yet?

23 07 2009

GAH…thanks ladies for the moon updates…yeah, big fuckin fail by ET…for peeps like me stuck at work…I depend on that shit…big props to y’all.

23 07 2009

I spy a mullet AND a shirt knot!!!!
And TwiLex, Summit shouldve thrown the question out, it has nothing to do with the movie, poor Kristen, she looks mad uncomfortable.

Their love lives should be reserved for us to speculate about on our blog haha. They don’t technically “owe” us an answer.

23 07 2009

Heya ladies just found more pics from the conference! Im so jealous of everyone whos there!!!

23 07 2009

Don’t throw it out, have them flat out say that, address it head on, “our personal lives have nothing to do with the movie.” Then again, you are right, it has nothing to do with the movie so it should have never been brought up in the first place. Umm KS definitely looks mad uncomfortable, maybe because she is still rocking a jet black mullet, please bring back the Bella hair. Hail to the t-shirt knot, only she can successfully pull it off. But DAMN RP is looking good.

23 07 2009

LIVE STREAM LADIES!!!!!!!! (or atleast its meant to be!)

23 07 2009

oKAY IS IT ME OR DO THEY LOOK LIKE THEY JUST NEED TO BE ALONE TOGETHER TO JUST HAVE A MOMENT??? (sorry caps were locked) My heart hurts they need to smile again! the poor torrchered souls!!!!

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