twi-con: ashley OUT. alex IN.

22 07 2009

ashley greene has pulled out of twi-con! not to worry, though, team wolfpack scores a WIN with hottie alex meraz taking her place.

“The decision wasn’t an easy one for her, but she was offered an incredible photo opportunity for a national fitness magazine during our con.” “While we are disappointed to see Ashley go, we are thrilled to be the first full convention in the country to host Alex Meraz. TwiCon is the first full convention to host ANY new up and coming actors from New Moon!” [via Twi-Con website]

hes no alice, but he sure is purrty.

he's no alice, but he sure is purrty.

So that means we got these twi cast members in attendance, in order of my personal opinion of their hottness: Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone,  Peter Facinelli, Alex Meraz, Christian Serratos, Billy Burke and Michael Welch. sorry, mike.




3 responses

22 07 2009

The ladies of Twilight need to represent! Where are they at? Nikki? Rachelle? anyone?!

22 07 2009

Billy Burke is surprisingly HOT in real life. My hotness list would be similar…only Billy would be hot on the heels of Peter.

22 07 2009

I’m totally down with the hottness of Billy Burke.

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