the symbol of the volturi revealed

22 07 2009
mixed metals - SO TIGHT

mixed metals - SO TIGHT

marketing geniuses, these guys. now that every woman in between the ages of 14-40 own at least one item with the Cullen Crest on it (admit it!), they have now created the Volturi seal/pendant/symbol.

once people start selling stuff with this thing on it, we’ll be able to easily tell on which team the fans are:

– Team Cullen: black wristbands and chokers

– Team Wolfpack: tribal tattoos (LOL)

– Team Volturi: gorgeous medallions of silver and gold

…crap.  will i shallowly switch teams for the sake of the fashion merchandise opportunities??? team wolfpack takes real dedication.

[via New Moon Movie]




5 responses

22 07 2009

Ok you’re totally leaving out what a fashionista Team Wolfpack-er would do, sick 80s tees n sweatshirts with wolves howling at the moonlight. Duh. Or even just a pic wolf head on a tee, I’d rock it.
But yes, the volturi seems to be evolving as the most fashionable, hmmph

22 07 2009
T.I. Jane

duuude! team jacob can just stamp it on! it doesn’t have to be permanent ink haha

22 07 2009

at least know we know what team kanye’s on

22 07 2009

aaaaand I may or may not have a Cullen Crest keychain. It’s possible.

23 07 2009
Kelly O

So it’s okay to admit I’ve been digging through every display I see of wood-carved looking jewelry to find something sort of dog-shaped? And it’s okay to admit that I did that in the gift shop of an art museum? Because I sort of need it to be okay (and Jake did give her a silver bracelet to go with it… which makes it better… somehow…)

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