newsflash: forks outsell knives!

22 07 2009

The FORK has officially outsold the KNIFE in the U.K.!!!! Fork-lovers around the world rejoice.

worlds largest fork in springfield, MO

world's largest fork in springfield, MO

According to a recent revelation from Debenham’s department store just yesterday, forks now outsell matching knives by nearly 2 to 1 across the country, the department store revealed yesterday. British restaurateurs echo the findings from what they see in dining trends:

“The knife will always be there, but people are definitely using fewer of them,” said Hadi Aknin, the maître d’hôtel at the Launceston Place restaurant in Kensington, west London. “We see many customers eating with just the fork, although I always give them the option of the knife.”

The article blames American table etiquette as the culprit influence, be WE all know the truth, don’t we???

Twilight put Forks on the map… and not just the US one. LBH (trademarked holls term for “let’s be honest”)

[via The Independent UK]



5 responses

22 07 2009

That is a Big EFF’N FORK!

22 07 2009

I feel like I’m reading the Onion

22 07 2009

What’s the onion???

22 07 2009

dammit…i know better to try a steal glimppses of this site on my hidden cellphone at work…now I have peed myself giggling outloud…

22 07 2009

Four immortal kids will do that to ya. Muuwwah hahaha

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