21 07 2009

Edward’s brows are a defining feature, we know. But as JJ says – eyebrows are the windows to the soul, and with that said, I figure we all need to take a closer look at our fave characters and see what we their twi-brows are saying to us.

PFatch: I’m Jenni Garth’s wholesome and adorable other half.

Elizabeth Reaser: I’m sweet and motherly, quiet and caring. The head tilt even adds to the effect. I might just mother you to death…

RayRay: I’m a little wild spikey little ginger vamp.

Ashley Greene: I’m gonna dress you up in my love.

Jackson Rathbone: Hi, I am absolutely irresistible.

KSlutz:Come and get it.

Nikki Reed: I know I know, it’s not fair… I am perfect.

TayLaut: Why are you looking at my eyebrows? Have you seen my abs?

KStew: My future is so bright, deal with it.


I'm stone cold smoldering. Duh.

I'm stone cold smoldering. Duh.




3 responses

21 07 2009

GOD I LOVE THIS POST. you know how I feel about brows. I am beyond excited that I can have a closer look at these twi-brows. for inspection purposes. (Ashley’s and Kristen’s are the best groomed) Good job dude.

21 07 2009

somebody wax Slutz – STAT!

22 07 2009

Umm, Jackson’s eyes in that pic make me want to do dirty things to him.

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