mo money, mo problems for roBear

20 07 2009

roBear *finally* wraps things up in nyc . but he may not be leaving as great an impression as he would like.

last tuesday, he dined with friends at New York’s Il Cantinori restaurant, racking up a $350 bill. sure, he left the standard 15%, but i guess once you get famous you gotta pay the piper a bit more obnoxiously to make sure the waitstaff doesn’t rag you out to the paps. that just doesnt seem fair.

no bigs, i’m sure he is mega stoked just to get a break from the big apple and could care less. here he is leaving NYC on friday with not a care in the world.

come on blanky, we DIPSET!

come on mr. pinky, we DIPSET!

annnnnd, cue thoughts of slumber parties with roBear…..

[via Celebuzz]



2 responses

20 07 2009

good to see he’s able to leave in a good mood… but wondering why, of all the sleeping bags in the world, his is hot pink…

20 07 2009

FINALLY, he and KS can finally reunite and filming is over with Emilie, WOOHOO!!! And maybe be bought the sleeping bag to use as a prop in Eclipse when Edward, Jacob and Bella camp out on the cliff’s edge.

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