JAFI… or Twilight MASH

20 07 2009

Check it out. Our girl Sarah gets into town and we’re all like… let’s get live. You just got in from L.A., we need to figure out where the dopest party on the east coast is. Turns out, it was right here in Silver Spring… at the Austin Grill. BALLIN’!!!! Yeah, so, Friday night, I met up with Alliecupcake and Sarahterrible at Downtown Silver Spring’s very own Austin Grill(e?). Miss Allie works upstairs at a fancy spa (if it’s hairy, she’ll wax it… if it’s busted, she’ll rub the lotion on it’s skin) so it was the best choice for us to make with Eggspectation right on its heels.

We’re here, we’re drinking, but the drinks just aren’t coming fast enough… apparently the bartenders hit critical mass at about 8pm on a Friday night. Sarah then decides that we are going to entertain ourselves by playing her brand new creation… JAFI. What is JAFI you ask? JAFI = MASH except the Mansion, Apartment, Shack and House has been replaced with Jacksonville, Arizona, Forks and Italy. Yes… it gets SO much nerdier.

I get it, im not legit. who are you, the rules police?

I get it, im not legit. who are you, the rules police?

So, as you move around the “board”; the numbers are the amount of people you kill as  a newborn vampire (before you go vegetarian duh), the names represent the vampire that turned you, and then we have the special skill you inherit when you finally turn vampire. BFD, I picked flying and being skinny… this is my Twilight JAFI, I’ll do what I want. Mind you, as much as we wanted to think it was lame… we played for a very long time while the waitress gritted on us to leave.

What did we learn from this action packed event? We’re all going to Jacksonville, so we better stop hating and go in some fresh Florida gear, start listening to Kid Rock.


Where: Jacksonville
Biter: Bella* (post vampire, duh)
Victims: 7
Superpower: Shield

Where: Jacksonville
Biter: Riley
Victims: 20
Superpower: Shield

Where: Jacksonville
Biter: Benjamin
Victims: 3
Superpower: Flying (both of you can shut it)

no really, this happened.

no really, this happened.

JAFI, it’s the new new.




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20 07 2009


20 07 2009

I was bitten by oh yes , Edward. Killed I think 9 …- need my stats again!! I miss u guys already! That needs to happen more offten!

21 07 2009

Yes I am the inventor of this very very addictive “game”. At the STO mixer I did almost everybody’s JAFI. I have all the stats, I’ll post them when I get back to my hotel (I think I have service). The Twi party was such an awesome reason to visit DC. I’ve had a stellar time. Play JAFI with your friends and credit me with the good time you have:)

Make JAFI not War

22 07 2009

Results from today’s JAFI lunch game with BaltimoreBella and my brother’s girlfriend who I kindly passed the torch to a while back and now is in love with the saga as well.

Where: Jacksonville
Biter: Edward
Victims: 17
Superpower: Blanket Mind Reader (human, vampire, werewolf, you name it she can read them all)

LAURA (Brother’s Girlfriend):
Where: Jacksonville
Biter: Emmett
Victims: 0
Superpower: Mind Reader

Where: Forks (SCORE!)
Biter: Edward (DOUBLE SCORE!)
Victims: 32
Superpower: I can eat human food like any old human and not have to regurgitate it back up later (Vampire or not, I need chocolate chip cookies)

22 07 2009


22 07 2009

Haha Hollerway … I was really hoping my kill number would be 122, as in 122 days till New Moon. Instead I got 32 for 32 days till my Iron Girl Triathlon.

22 07 2009

Ha…let’s just be thankful that we didn’t land on my victim number of 904! I mean, I know I’d be a badass vampire and all, but that’s a little excessive 🙂

23 07 2009

Got JAFI on the brain, so BaltimoreBella and I have come up with a couple more categories:

At what age are you re-born?
Who is your soulmate?
Which wolf imprints on you?
Which non-supernatural character discovers your secret?
What do the Cullen’s make you for dinner when you first visit as human?
As a vampire, which animal do you closely resemble as far as your hunting skills go?
What is your “after” car?


23 07 2009

Extended JAFI results:

Where: Arizona
Biter: Esme
Victims: 1
Superpower: Shape-shifter
Soulmate: Edward
Wolf Imprint: Seth
Non-Supernatural Character Who Discovers your Secret: Jessica
Cullen’s Make you for Dinner When you First Visit as Human: Very Rare Steak
Animal Most Resemble as Far as your Vampire Hunting Skills Go: Lion
“After” Car: Acura

Where: Arizona
Biter: Edward
Victims: 20
Superpower: See the Future
Soulmate: Emmett
Wolf Imprint: Sam
Non-Supernatural Character Who Discovers your Secret: Eric
Cullen’s Make you for Dinner When you First Visit as Human: Fish Fry
Animal Most Resemble as Far as your Vampire Hunting Skills Go: Polar Bear
“After” Car: Shiny Silver Volvo

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