The Gideons of Twilight

15 07 2009

So, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been struggling with my twilight obsession since it happened… kind of trying not to bring it up in every conversation, fighting myself not to explain the significance of my beloved Twi-charm (Alliecupcake–twinsies!), and then white knuckling all conversations with the non-believers. A lot of my other SigOs like to make jokes about how in the closet I am. It’s true. I am planning on sitting my parents down and telling them at Thanksgiving, and then the rest of my family at Christmas. Note: Please see Twitarded for what coming out of the closet looks like…

So, I as I try to inch myself out of this cold dark place, I’ve realized that part of the process is converting non-believers. The past couple of weeks I have had numerous conversations with one of my besties who lives in NYC and is really giving the saga the ol’ college try. As she put it, she’s “obsessed with becoming obsessed” but not willing enough to buy hard copies of eclipse and breaking dawn. boooo.

So, I am doing something I thought I’d never have the ability to do. I’m making a sacrifice that I didn’t realize I could. I am shipping my vampire books to NYC with the hopes that they come flying into her office like those little necktie-d men on bicycles and urge her to follow the path of the Twi. I have some comfort in the fact that I have made little book cards that say “Hollerway’s Vampire Book, Read it, Give that Shit Back.” So, that makes me feel a little better.

Call me when you get there, don't talk to strangers.

Call me when you get there, don't talk to strangers.

Today is the day I send them off. I have packed them snacks, kissed each one tenderly on their covers and asked that they be brave… Teener, take good care of my babies and send them the hell home when their work is done.



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15 07 2009

Nooooooo don’t go. There are so many dangers out there! Coffee spills… Buggers… Germs…tear drop stains..OMG bent pages!! Then there is “I left it on the subway! NO NO don’t let them go!!!!
I WANT TO CRY! My bff ture to the end…oh yes I made her get her own copies. I’m not supid she has kids. Even if I bought all 4 hard book copies for $4.00 toal with my other sigo bff lisa yard saling! (Btw who the hell sells twi books? Must have been the twi gods calling for me in the form of a coocoo ys lady.
I deff want to know if they get there okay. …. You r a true friend!

15 07 2009

My thoughts exactly. You are a true friend! And if anything happens to your beloved books, you have a posse of SigO’s to bring her down. J/k 🙂

15 07 2009
Jenny Jerkface

LOL! You are a brave soul! I lent out my books and I have no idea what the hell happened to them – no one is fessin’ up so I have to keep borrowing (okay, stealing when she’s not looking) STY’s copies.

And just remember that coming out of the closet can be a harrowing experience but you have all of us there to support you. 🙂 (Thanks for the link up!)

15 07 2009

you guys are rad. think happy thoughts for me!

15 07 2009

hollerway has a posse! shheeeeeeit, im still trying to hunt down breaking dawn.

15 07 2009

Be brave Hollerway! They will make it back in one piece, nice and safe!

15 07 2009

Hollerway, I feel your pain and anguish. But can I just say I cannot believe your are sending them with their cover. I was recently guilt tripped into parting with mine to lend them out to my boyfriend’s mother, seriously I had separation anxiety from Memorial Day to July 4 when they were finally returned (I at least had the covers still). I think I even greyed a little more from the experience. As a possible future mother-in-law, I was told by co-workers, family and friends that I was being ridiculous and don’t want to burn my bridges now. They just don’t understand, only my fellow SigO BaltimoreBella understood my obsession with keeping my books in prime shape. My boyfriend even went as far as saying, in hope’s of calming my fears, that if they came back destroyed he’d buy me a new one, a signed new one (who’s autograph the new book would hold was still up for discussion). Of course with Twilight constantly on the brain, I had to borrow my brother’s girlfriends to read, I just couldn’t be separated from the story any longer. At last they finally made it home, I still haven’t given them a thorough look over, just a quick glance. Of course Breaking Dawn is fine because she didn’t make it through all of Eclipse, RIDICULOUS!

And no freit, you aren’t the only one who struggles with their Twilight obsession, I too constantly have to attempt and limit the amount of times I talk about it throughout the day. My co-workers call me overly obsessed, I tell them no, I just LOVE the story, they don’t understand. My brother thinks I need counseling and my dad just shakes his head. My mother, well I think she is in the same boat as my brother, but doesn’t constantly make fun. But you know what, they can all kiss my ass! HA! F.T.L.O.T.

15 07 2009

I don’t understand these ppl
Unwilling to buy the hardcovers. How can you put down New Moon and not just HAVE to have Eclipse and breaking dawn? Rob a bookstore, steal money from a homeless person or someone elses tip jar,JUST GET IT DONE

15 07 2009

twilex, you aren’t understanding the point… you’re supposed to be making me feel better! jk jk. looking forward to meeting you on the 19th!

16 07 2009

Haha, sorry Hollerway, I guess the point to my rant before was that yes, my books did make it home safely, in one piece and ready to be read again. So your’s too will be protected by the Twilight Gods and return safely to your humble nightstand. To help pass the time, just watch the movie over and over, or find someone willing to lend them to you to read. See you soon!

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