Sex and The Single Vampire?

15 07 2009

While perusing books at Borders today I come across this amusing title: “Sex and the Single Vampire”…I look right to left, pick it up, put it down quickly and I keep walking.




My curiosity gets the best of me, I get home, I google. 

Amazon’s Editorial Review:

If Allie doesn’t find a ghost soon, her short career as a “Summoner” with United Psychical Research Association will be a thing of the past, so naturally she is delighted to find what she thinks is the tortured spirit of a gorgeous, naked, wounded man. But the cranky spirit, who looks exactly like the dishy man who has been haunting Allie’s dreams, doesn’t need her help since he isn’t a ghost, but rather Christian Dante, best-selling author of vampire romances and Moravian Dark One. Of course, Allie wants some answers from the arrogant and domineering Christian, but he is more interested in working out the exact nature of their relationship, since fate has chosen Allie as his “Beloved.” First met in MacAlister’s A Girl’s Guide to Vampires [BKL O 15 03], Christian, along with several other characters, returns to find his true love as the always entertaining MacAlister continues her delectable contemporary paranormal series with another sinfully sexy, fabulously fun tale of love, vampires, ghosts, and demons. 


Say WHAT? The heroine’s name is Allie? Spelled correctly like that? Two L’s, an I and an E? I like it already. What has Twilight done to me? I am only on book #4 of the Sookie Stackhouse novels and I am already plotting my NEXT vampire novel series?

Real walk n talk….

Dark Ones Novels #2, this means there is a #1…

Book #1 title: “A Girl’s Guide to Vampires”




So the “Dark One” is the vamp, kind of like “Cold One”, and “the summoner” is the heroine, kind of like “the shield” (ok so if you havent finished the Twilight series, you wont get that correlation at all, but I AM SUCH A GEEK that yes I just made it.)

Border’ was helpful enough to give me further definitions:

Dark One n. (origin Czech, also known as vampires.) A Moravian Dark One is doomed to spend his lifetime cruising the singles’ scene in search of the one woman who can redeem his soul. You think dating is hard? Try it when you’re 900 years old and you’ve used every pick up line in the book. Forming a lasting relationship is even more difficult when the woman who makes your heart sing sees dead people and likes to play with demons.

Summoner n (origin English.) Someone who summons ghosts, poltergeists, and demon lords. Summoners tend to hang arouns cities like London that are filled with portals to Hell, haunted inns, and other locations dishy vampires might be found lurking. Most Summoners are female, which makes for difficulties when it comes to explaining to the man who haunts your dreams and fills your soul with love why your pet ghosts can be found hovering around even in the most romantic of circumstances.

Really? Am I really so Twi cracked out that this seems actually funny slash interesting to me?

OME. Send help. I will be the girl drowning in Vampire Books, speaking of all things supernatural and contemplating practicing Wicca. FML.





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15 07 2009

those sound tight. and p.s. talk to lisEsme on sunday about wicca. she may be mormon now, but she has a dark and dirty past filled with spells, dangling needles and palmistry. LOL

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