lee safar on new moon soundtrack

15 07 2009

i'm sure i had this hair style once.

Rumors are swirling that Lee Safar’s song “I’m Here” has found a coveted spot on the New Moon soundtrack.

“The Facebook pages of both Lee and “Twilight” make reference to the possible inclusion of Lee’s song, ‘I’m Here,’ on the soundtrack. Lee describes her sound as ‘Evanescence meets Sarah McLachlan,’ and after listening to the track in question on her MySpace page, I couldn’t agree more.”

[via Hollywood Crush on MTV.com]

what’s interesting about this is that the fans are actually the ones who have been helping Safar’s campaign with their support on the interwebs!

well, then, i hearby announce my nomination for SEAS on the New Moon soundtrack.

the beautiful ben green of SEAS

the beautiful ben green of SEAS

can we tweet them into stardom? their songs are perfect for all the drams in NM. plus, they are tight dudes.

i’m pretty sure we’ve asked this before, and probably every twi blog in existence has asked this question, but what would be on YOUR twi/nm soundtrack?




7 responses

15 07 2009

Ben Green is the new Jasper Hale

15 07 2009

A heck of a lot of Emo, Linkin Park, maybe even a Sarah McLaughlin type of song for the tearful, heart wrenching heartbreak. Definitely a good deal of the soundtrack has to project a sad and danger emotion, of course the end can be more emo uplifting. While Stephenie Meyer’s is AMAZING, I can’t say I fully agree with some of her choices posted on her webpage for New Moon, they don’t express the emotion’s I entertain when reading the book. I almost feel like I have to look back on my last breakup and the songs I felt expressed my mood at that time.

15 07 2009

Noooo TwiLex nooooo Linkin Park nooooo no more

15 07 2009

Lykke Li, The Cure, Band of Horses, more Black Ghosts, more Iron & Wine, more Muse

15 07 2009

i in fact have a playlist picked out. will post it later when i go pick it up (it’s on my home comp).

nice one on BOH allie! in fact the first time i ever heard band of horses was on a ferry from seattle to bainbridge island. coincidence?

16 07 2009

Ha Alliecupcake, fine, definitely more Muse. How about Sia’s song “Breathe Me” Or … Pat McGee Band “Don’t Give Up” Or … Secondhand Serenade “Stay Close, Don’t Go” or “Why” … I can’t decide, Band of Horses “No One’s Gonna Love You More”

16 07 2009

Just remembered this, Tiffanyd666 actually did a piece featuring unknown artists who have written pieces for New Moon. Seriously, they are AMAZING, especially the first track … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJCdR8WqPWw.

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