showtime locks down exclusive twi-rights

10 07 2009

twi-rights … ok that was bad…

but for subscribers of showtime, this is good!

vampire wars move to cable

vampire wars move to cable

watch your back HBO, there’s a new vampire network coming up from behind:

“Showtime has signed an exclusive Twilight deal with Summit Entertainment that gives Showtime the rights to air all Twilight films in the Stephenie Meyer based Twilight Saga upon the release of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to cable television. With cable television currently enjoying a new moon in popularity and far from any twilight of what TV fans can expect, the release of critically acclaimed cable TV movies and series have overshadowed mainstream networks.” [via The Deadbolt]

ok so this is a ways off… we all have time to get a raise and invest in that suddenly sweet cable package that includes showtime AND hbo.



next up, the PADDLE!

next up, the PADDLE!

Speaking of new contenders … this post was made by sigO AppleWithFangHoles, who is currently being hazed into upperclassman status. Apple stepped forward and impressed us with her enthusiasm, initiative and overall “go get ’em” team player attitude. we’ll be periodically posting her stuff, and she may become a regular voice on the blog. that is, AFTER she runs naked through the quad waving a sigO flag.   jk jk

big group hug welcome to Apple! tell us what you think about her stuff!

Book: New Moon
Character: Edward, duh
Quote: “No one dressed by me ever looks like an idiot.” – Alice

p.s. we are NOT currently looking for more bloggers. But if you find interesting stuff, keep sending it to




6 responses

10 07 2009

welcome to the big girls club apple! bring it! xoxoxo

10 07 2009


10 07 2009

sike, great to have you!

10 07 2009

aw thnx

10 07 2009

CHOMP! Love this new blog Monster!

11 07 2009

applewithfangholes= soooo tight!

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