no Slutz on the Twi-tanic

10 07 2009

it's for lovers.

it's for lovers.

sorry to all you Sig O’s and twi hards who bought your hundred and something dollar tickets to cruise around Alaska with Kellan and Ashley. They have replaced Slutz, with Alex Meraz aka Paul due to “scheduling conflicts”. Honestly I dont think Slutz knew what he was getting into when he signed on for that.

Trapped on a boat. With twi hards who want to worship you and scream in your face all week. It makes me a little ill just thinking about it. 

you dont get this anymore cruisers

you dont get this anymore cruisers

REAL TALK: they had a trip to Forks and an Alaskan Cruise touting appearances by Alice and Emmett CULLEN. That’s tight for twi fans. And even though Ashley can hold her own, the character of PAUL is NO replacement for Emmett. I think they wanted to replace with someone that has the potential to be equally as hunky. But as far as characters in the books go, you just went from A list to C list, Twi Cruise.

you now get this. ahoy mateys!

you now get this. ahoy mateys!

Sig O SarahTerrible will be SO STOked , she will probably run out and buy her tickets now. Or get them on the black market somehow. She loves those tan skinned wolf boys.


And for all of you who arent wolf lovers, look at the bright side, you may get some impromtu breakdancing on your voyage…




2 responses

10 07 2009

Ten bucks on a break circle in the middle of the ball.

10 07 2009

I think i need new panties.

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