eclipse? is that you?

9 07 2009

ok dudes, remember back after the New Moon official trailer premiered, I posted a fan made trailer that was SO GOOD everyone liked it better than Summit’s? Well this chick has made an Eclipse trailer. Some things are good, some not so much, but the ending scene is tight. That’s also not TayLaut she uses as her “Jacob”, and that’s probably what bothers me the most. But this Jacob is still hot, so I guess it’s not SO bad.

However, she kills at making trailers. She needs to be hired. By some studio. You watch and decide for yourself. For Eclipse not having filmed one single scene yet, her vision is excellent. She goes by YouTube user Tiffanyd666.

But I swear I spot like a collie type dog in there somewhere, or a chesapeake curly coated retreiver or something…but def NOT a werewolf.

What is this? True Blood? Our beloved shapeshifter does NOT turn into a dog. 

See if you peep the dog standing in for the wolfy.




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9 07 2009

a chesapeake curly coated retriever? hahahahah you are SO up on your westminster dog breeds!

9 07 2009

Her remix of the New Moon trailer put’s Summit’s version to shame. They should seriously just hire Tiffanyd666 from here on out for the Eclipse trailer and Breaking Dawn. She definitely displays the emotion, passion and energy, and grasps the concept of the book a whole lot better then Summit does in their trailer pieces. She has definitely put together some pretty fabulous things on her YouTube page, I subscribed to it a while back. And of course her music choices make it that much better.

9 07 2009

dude LEX, its the music that gets me everytime.

9 07 2009

I KNOW!!! I search high and low for the music she used in the Remix, its by Two Steps from Hell. I was only able to download the middle song, Freedom Fighters, but honestly it is my favorite of the three. Surprisingly, it was actually used in one of the Star Trek trailers. Have you checked out the piece she put together titled “Bella + Edward: In the Dark”? As the amazing Tiffanyd describes it, “Set within New Moon, this video represents Bella’s loneliness and isolation. The only thing she has left of Edward is her memories (the good and bad), which she constantly gives over too replaying; and in turn, creates distance and strains on her friendships. Her mind begins to play tricks on her as she starts to see Edward, only to seconds later disappear. So she retreats back into her memories, to where she will hold on to him forever.” Seriously, this one has me almost to tears. BaltimoreBella and I joke about how we should probably buy some stock in Kleenex before New Moon comes out because I know I’m going to be balling my eyes out. I did when I read the book, my boyfriend thought I was nuts, crap, I cried the second time I read it to. By the way, the link to that video is

10 07 2009
T.I. Jane

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. that was bad asssss!

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