Robear on a Fixie

7 07 2009

Can i just say how happy i am that Rob Pattinson is filming ‘Remember Me’ in  NYC, and not on a closed set somewhere in LA or Vancouvy? This way we get daily pic updates from all crazy paparazzi staking out the shoot locations.

Thank you paparazzi!

Well my point is that as an avid bike rider I’ve been noticing the photo’s of Rob with his bicycle which is a “fixed gear” with NO BRAKES. Not only is this dangerous (and very hipster, no hate) but very hot!

*Mash Brother*

*Mash Brother*

Danger is Robear’s middle name.




2 responses

7 07 2009

To ride a fixie definitely takes skill, I’ve never tried it, I stick to my regular gear road bike, but my brother and his crew love it. Lu, have you ever seen the documentary “Adventures for the Cure”? It’s about a three guys who snake across the U.S. from Washington state to OCMD on fixies. I wonder if he really knows what he is doing.

8 07 2009

I’ve actually haven’t seen it but i will be sure to tell my hubby to put it on our netflix. He is obsessed with biking documentaries, “pedal” is his favorite. It’s about NY couriers in the 90’s. I have a fixie it’s not as hard or scary as you would imagine, although i do have a front break (because i’m a girl). We should get everyone together to do a twilight ride sometime.

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