Did she just say move over Twilight totes?

7 07 2009

She better not have…

Move over Twilight totes- here comes Twilight: The video game

Get 1,000 points for trying something

Get 1,000 points for "trying something"

It’s being developed by college senior Brandon Gardner, a Game Software Development major at Westwood College online. This is totally a rogue project… looks like it could be promising! However all I can think is that it’s like Tracey Jordan’s video porn in 30 Rock. “Touch your knees to my knees!”

From the article:

Can you describe the game concept?
One extremely big feature that I’m going with is an open non-linear world revolved around Forks. I like the idea of letting plays explore around the world, and discover new amazing things that are not even covered in the book or the movie. One really extremely crucial feature in the game engine that was licensed for the game is unlimited world streaming, and this feature allows for the game to go in an open non-linear direction. The game will being closely based to both Twilight and Midnight Sun allowing the player to play, and experience the story from either Bella’s or Edward’s perspective. I’m highly thinking of including New Moon into the project as well. I really think it’s important to allow players to experience being human, vampire, or phasing into a werewolf.

Check out the rest here…

P.S. why is Australia calling Kristen pregnant? wtf.




One response

7 07 2009

not only are they saying she’s preggy they are saying it’s with Robear’s baby.

*crossing fingers* for a renesmee!

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