roBear’s old GF sorts hot meat

5 07 2009
insert caption

nina and roBear back in their heyday

i really haven’t been paying much attention to this story, but it just keeps popping up.  and curiosity just KILLS the jj … apparently roBear was the first true love for this chick, nina schubert, and now she is reeling in regret and trying to make sure everyone within eyeshot of google knows that she had him FIRST.

nina was a model, popping up on the runways and in Vogue mag, but found the lifestyle unhealthy.

this is the face of an O.G.

nina went from glam-a-lam budding model on the catwalks to her current stint as … a meatworker. yes, a meatworker in new zealand. o_O

“We sort boned-out meat that comes down on the conveyor hot and still pulsating. I’ve shown some skill and they’re going to give me some knife training for a trimming job.”

what in the…

ok, long story short from

she was lived in London for like 10 yrs. she went to drama school there with RoBear, and they eventually became an item some time in 2006. he broke up with her and she ran off to the south of France, got engaged to some Australian guy, but they broke up and she’s now in New Zealand where she sorts hot pulsating meat.

“Rob is still a really good friend of mine. He’s hopefully going to come here, if he can get a break from working. I gave him my paintings when we lived together in London. Now he’s commissioned me to paint one for him and I’m working on it.” via

one of her friends is now cashing in by selling the sob story to national enquirer (so take this part with a grain of salt!).

“Nina hasn’t been able to get over Rob and shake the fact that she was his first love. Over the past year, it really hit her hard when she saw him get famous. She realizes that she had Rob all to herself, but now he seems to be the subject of every girl’s dreams and fantasies. She’s still trying to come to grips with what happened between them.” via NE

tragic. simply tragic. classic case of shoulda woulda coulda.

now shes working an abbatoir, digging through freshly slaughtered meat.

now she's working on an abatoir assembly line, digging through freshly slaughtered meat.

true story.




2 responses

5 07 2009

what a tragic story.

5 07 2009

she kinda looks like a not as pretty version of Nikki Reed. You know what? Honestly, if she thinks she still has any chance with Robear she had better stop flapping her jaws to the world. ugh. no. ROBERT AND KRISTEN, OR GTFO!

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