new moon to premiere in knoxville!

5 07 2009

things are heating up!

New Moon will be premiering in Knoxville, TN in advance of the official Nov. 20 release date. stars of the cast are expected to attend, though no word has been announced as to the who’s. Regal has done these types of releases in the past for other movies for a charity cause, and they have typically been well attended by the stars. (via

roll out the red carpet, this is where its going down.

roll out the red carpet, this is where it's going down.

tickets will not be sold online. you must go to the theater in person to buy them. no word on when they will go on sale other than some time in September, but the details will be pinned down in the next month or so.

thank twilight AllieCupcake and i will be on our epic road trip. now lets just hope we are in TN when they go on sale.




3 responses

5 07 2009

EPIC. it would be such fate.

6 07 2009

Can believe you guys will be out of town for the release!? Knoxville’s not so far!

7 07 2009

whoa, wait… what if this coincides with Kristen and Nick’s wedding?

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