Funniest blog? Twitarded (besides us)

5 07 2009


them bitches are funny. twi hards after our own hearts…





3 responses

5 07 2009
Snarkier Than You

Aw, thanks guys!! As the only Twi-blog in the running in this particular dealie, I want to make a good showing for all of us, so thanks for getting the word out – you rock (and yep you’re fucking funny, too, natch)!

: )

6 07 2009
Jenny Jerkface

Oh, scree!!! Damn STY for always beating me to this shit. She’s such a bitch.

Thank you!!! I’m hoping that if people start to realize how many Twitards there are out there they’ll stop trying to commit us. You know, strength in numbers. 😉

Thanks for the shout out!

6 07 2009

we totally love you guys! best of luck! grrrooouuuuppp huuuggggg 😛

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