happy friday: red carpet ashley, bonus robear

3 07 2009

Ash & tayLaut at the Vision Awards a few days ago. Looking fancy…


today I want a bob, not a mullet

today I want a bob, not a mullet





have a great weekend, I LOVE American Girls

have a great weekend, I LOVE American Girls




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3 07 2009

Ms. Alliecupcake… i would like to take a moment and remind everyone just how much YOU ROCK! You make my clicking in 25 x’s a day to see whats up not to have been done in vain. Thank you oh Twi one after my own heart.

is it me or does Robert look like he wants to kiss me??? or it just might be me being dazzles by those baby blues.

4 07 2009

OMGarsh!! I am totally gonna meet Ashely freaking Greene in, ummmmm, 7 days!!! Ahhh!! Can’t wait!!

4 07 2009

Few things i found and i wanted to share
~~~~Pattinson recently (not sure of the date) talked about kissing Stewart to Twist magazine, “I always get carried away when I’m kissing. I just go nuts! Walking away after it is the strangest moment for me. It’s embarrassing – not knowing what to say to each other.”~~~~ UMMMM! I know what i would say! my trailer or your!

and this little thing here i read….”Talking about the new flick, he said: “It’s based on a mixtures of memories and nightmares and there are a lot of surreal elements. Bella has basically gone nuts…” Actress Kristen Stewart plays vampire Edward’s human love interest, Bella Swan, in the upcoming film. ***He added: “I get to do some really creepy stuff. It’s really, really different than Twilight. Looking at the storyboards I think that a lot of people will actually be kind of scared in this one. “In Twilight, I couldn’t really find a way to make Edward scary. I think this one is a lot more psychological.”

I mean really is there any thing better than a man who still loves you when you are completly f’n nuts… even more than immortal life itself … i mean awwwww! then this reminded me of in the book when Bella told hin she was prego. I Still giggle immortal or not a mans responce to that is always priceless!

thought i would share ~

btw silly question.. there r 4 books but there is twilight, new moon, and eclips (or is it breaking dawn) so does anyone know if it is just going to be 3 movies or there a 4th one in the next next works????
Okay i am done now HAPPY 4th!

5 07 2009

So on Friday I get a text from my little in Kappa Delta from college who is in grad school at NYU, her text basically states that she was just almost trampled by a bunch of screaming girls because RP is filming his new movie in the building where her classes are held. The part of the text that made my heart stop and about put me on a train to NYC, was when she stated that he walked by her, said “hey girls” and waved, and that he is much cuter in person when he is already gorgeous.

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