Even goes well with granola.

3 07 2009

This morning the roomie and I decided to go do the things that older productive couples do… Eat brunch at the deli, not have sex, pedicures, a little shopping, and a trip to our local co-op. Mind you, I’m not really a co-op kinda girl. I always forget my reusable bags and I’m never in the mood to spend $5 on a local tomato, but today I decided to try. I sifted through bulk lentils, vegan readymade meals… individual yeast packets, YUM. And on the chocolate/carob (shudder) shelf… are these bad boys:



I of course go running over to my roomie about the twightest of finds, to which she rolls her eyes and knowingly asks if I’m going to purchase these little treasures. Duh. Does a wolf shit in the backwoods?

So, these little babies are waiting to be a stuffer in the Twi-Hippie-Guy’s “Please don’t hate us, we love you” basket. I think he’ll be stoked, at least amused… hopefully. :/



7 responses

3 07 2009

I’m pretty sure they have these at walgreens too, but i might be wrong. have you tried them? how do they taste?

3 07 2009

ha, awesome… i haven’t yet actually! saving them for our boo.

3 07 2009

“Duh. Does a wolf shit in the backwoods?” as soon as i am done LMAO i am going to clear the tears out of my eyes and put my little ones to bed . funny funny.

3 07 2009

Bonus points: Dagoba is a Star Wars reference.

3 07 2009


5 07 2009

its where yoda lives.
extra bonus points: it’s also what riley’s apt in palisades is called ever since it got flooded.

4 07 2009

Delicious! they are like our own personal brand of chocolate…. I hope the hippie likes them!

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