1 07 2009

…i’m just gonna put this out there.


oh edward cullen
you’ve ruined me forever
i’m moving to forks

five seven five, whatcha got Twi-hards…



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1 07 2009


1 07 2009

having just finished the series two days ago, this really speaks to me…
*bangs head on desk*

1 07 2009

Pretty Bella Swan
Makes me want to be paler
And have wavy hair

1 07 2009

twi-ku wins the twialect contest LMAO

1 07 2009

poor mikey newton
nerdiest of the twi boys
nobody likes you

1 07 2009

husband thinks he’s won
banished the books from the house
now i read at work

1 07 2009

SO! hilarious!
got em
Twilight forever!

1 07 2009

lmao these are hilarious! (lala’s makes me giggle the most. that is probably because my boyfriend wishes he could do the same. FAT CHANCE BUSTER!)

Dear Stephanie M
the story cannot stop here
Please write a book six?

1 07 2009

not getting work done
unable to find the words
Twilight 4 EV-AH

1 07 2009

Jane my boyfriend is with you, he won shortly when I turned my books over to his mom to read, but then I just borrowed my brother’s girlfriends. Of course there is always the movie that I watch once a week and the soundtrack that I listen to whenever I am in my car.

All day I daydream
Of Bella and Edwards love
Twilight on the brain

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