the saga of the twi hippie – Part Three

1 07 2009

previously on twi hippie: (click here to catch up on Part Two)

tuesday: no show. i felt like bella when she made her grand decision to confront edward in biology class and “demand to know what his problem was.”  was he avoiding me? deliberately? had i scared him off?

i had resigned myself into making this task my life goal for as long as it took to make it happen. hell hath no fury like a twi-hard scorned.              Must.Get.Pic.of.Twi.Hippie.

wednesday: i found Him again. GAME ON. but the game takes on a new turn…

same spot. same general outfit. still reading a twi book sans the glossy cover. but when i look at the spine, i see two words embossed instead of one… HOLY BAJOLY – he was already on breaking dawn! the last of the twi books (not counting midnight sun transcript). he’s almost done with the entire series!!! CURVEBALL. time to act fast.

i needed to get his picture. the blog needs it. the world needs it. i was not going to take no for an answer. no, not this time.

get your game face on.

get your game face on.

cellcam in ready position. three quick lamaze breaths in and out. i bravely lurched forward.

no response from twi hippie. he was lost in the story, not noticing me on the prowl. like a mother lion creeping silently through the tall grasses of the savannah, i stalked my prey like he was a water buffalo drinking from the river.

then, i did something that i never could have expected myself capable of doing: i chickened out.

i ducked into starbucks again, heart racing. peering through the glass window, i could see that he still was unaware of my presence. FUNK THIS TWI-HIPPIE. i was gonna get this pic if my life depended on it.


my mind raced back to years of training in the classroom, in the lunchroom, and in the club of dealing with the enemy. i knew what i had to do. i smoothed my flyaways down and raised one eyebrow ever so slightly. i pushed through the doors of starbucks expertly sashaying and chanté-ing straight up to my foe, startling him as my hand lay gingerly on his shoulder. smiling coyly, i began the attack.

“oh. hello. i really don’t mean to be rude, but i couldn’t help but notice you read the twilight saga, and i’d love to take your picture for my blog. we love guys who love twilight. do you mind?” ::flutters eyelashes nonchalantly while twirling hair around one finger::

clearing his throat, “of course not.” ::blush::

BEHOLD. i present to you the NEVER-BEFORE captured endangered species and proof of existence:

TWILANTHROPUS VILLOPRATENSIS, more commonly known as The Hairy Twilight Man from the Meadow.

behold. the twi hippie. his name is chris.

his name is chris.

breaking dawn and the infamous "i bite" bookmark.

breaking dawn and the infamous "i bite" bookmark.

my work here is done. I WIN.

…To Be Continued?   idk…

(note to twi hippie enthusiasts:  some of you have asked … yes, this mini-series is recap of events that happened last week. i’ll continue to harass him if you like it, though haha. i’ve considered interviewing him. what would the inquiring minds want to know?)



7 responses

1 07 2009

Little does he know what has started… poor twi-guy.

1 07 2009

too bad you had to put that black bar over his eyes. his face is totally cute.

1 07 2009
Renee AKA MissImagineThat

Poor guy. Didn’t know what he had comin’ to him.

1 07 2009

I am so so glad you got his picture, especially glad that you didn’t have to sneak the pic! Its cool that he let you take it! He looks really cool, especially with Breaking Dawn in his hands!!! Every guy should follow in the footsteps of the Twi-Hippie, if they did the world would be a better place!!! LOL

1 07 2009

By chance did u ask him to rush? Btw jj I have a few hottties I would like some back up in stalking. Hubby is a cop and I will have bale $ on stand by

1 07 2009

That. Is. Amazing. jj, you. are. amazing. lol ahhh Twi-boys. I was watching some of the live feed from Peter Facinelli’s Affliction signing thingy, and a Twi-boy walked up with a copy of Twiilght (soft cover? one i hadn’t seen before) and he asked him about the sports PFatch plays and stuff. He was totally stoked to be there. I love Twi-boys!

1 07 2009

alas, we’d have to change the rules. currently only girls and gays are allowed in. we REALLY need to find a twi fraternity to link up with. except all of our sigBoys would commit suicide and stuff. its probably bad enough that we oogle over hot 17 yr olds all day as it is. haha

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