Rob’s Aunt needs to shut it

1 07 2009

I mean, look, I dont want to insult Robear’s relatives, I really dont. It hurts to do so. But his Aunt Diana needs to check herself and stop talking to Life & Style magazine.

Life & Style magazine reported that Diana Nutley commented on the couple saying,”I don’t think it would be a good idea for Robert to be in a serious relationship with Kristen. How can he live his life with a fellow star with their every move being watched just like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?”

Um PUHLEEZ lady have you seen the chemistry? Have you seen Twilight? Have you SEEN IT LADY?  She also has further diarrhea of the hole in her face saying:

“I think he will eventually come back home to England and fall in love with somebody he’s known since school,” she tells Life & Style. “He’s only a young man. He’s too busy to be involved with anybody in America.”

Shut up Aunt Diana R Pattz. Jeesh. Sounds like an American girl hater to me. Cue “American Woman”. 


this is what true love looks like Aunt Diana

this is what true love looks like Aunt Diana

Sorry guys, I have had a less than stellar week and just felt like taking it out on this so called Aunt. Who obvi doesnt want her nephew to be happy. Ok im finished. For now….




6 responses

1 07 2009

She has no clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 07 2009

ALLIECUPCAKE! i wanna kiss u! you fucken ROCK! lets t/p her house ( i would get meaner but one day after hubby #1 and robert will be my hubby that would make her my aunt in law so i need no lasting ill feelings…)lol but till then kristen belongs with him till i am ready for him .

1 07 2009

funny pic… the video shoot for this pic looks like they were in a “we r together but we r fighting but we have to put the fight on hold to say cheese” :0) i love them and i know i am a big fat fat dork and hollywood is hollywood but i really really hope they are together and stay together and be yummy always. amen

1 07 2009

judy I am so glad you understand me

2 07 2009

i am SO down to t/p her house!! i’ll bring the eggs!!

2 07 2009

Count me in for the t/p!!!! Can we leave a bag of flaming poo on the porch, too?!

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