eclipse filming start date!

1 07 2009

for anyone who is still trying to map out their summer festivities, you can now put in your vacay requests.

the mecca. homeland. motherland. mothership.

the mecca. homeland. motherland. mothership.

filming in Vancouvy for Eclipse starts Aug 17 and runs through Halloween.

i seriously want to sob myself to sleep, wake up, die, vomit, then fall down, vomit, then die again for not being able to go.

thanks, sigO Ashlern.



7 responses

1 07 2009

vancouver?! *sigh* wish I could. halloween?? haha. I’m dressing as a vamp or wolfy this year.

1 07 2009

Breaking Dawn is our time jj. Don’t you worry.

1 07 2009

Vancouver here I come!!! I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to be a lion for Halloween and I a lamb, but he’s hesitant, thinks people will think he’s the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz. Of course its either a lion or Edward, as I’ll have my Bella jacket by then 🙂

1 07 2009

By the way JJ, is that map of Vancouver where they are filming? BaltimoreBella and I are trying to nail down some locations of where they might be.

2 07 2009

lion and lamb for halloween is SUCH a cute idea. and the map is just a random map i found on google images, not the filming locations. i keep my eyes and ears open, though.

2 07 2009

TwiLex and I have big plans for our Seattle/Forks/Port Angeles/Vancouver trip! Can’t wait!!!

6 08 2009
Judy Bradley

When are you planning to go? I am going out for Bella’s birthday aka Stephenie Meyer Day.

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