the saga of the twi hippie – Part Two

30 06 2009

previously on twi hippie: (click here to catch up on Part One)

i spent nearly the entire weekend with my mind so blown i could barely think of anything else. i discussed the situation at length with my sigO’s. who was he? why was he so incooperative? and most importantly …

what is his motive?

He could very well be part of the crew for the James L. Brooks Project. but he probably would have been working instead of just sitting there reading during all the chaos. no, no, he MUST be a local. he would have HAD to have been sitting there all day in order to score such a primo seated spot under a ‘Bucks umbrella on such a busy day. all day? no job? he was wearing no uniform of any kind, and was far too casual for anything remotely professional that i could think of.

exhibit A.  the trustafarian

Exhibit A. the trustafarian (note: this is NOT the twi hippie)

he must be a trust fund baby. i feel like most hippies that i know are actually trust fund babies hiding behind a shroud of tie dye and tapestry as a way to explain their lack of a job, when in reality they actually don’t need jobs. i’ve always been fascinated by the phenomenon – trustafarianism.

monday evening rolled around. i made my way home from work, trekking up 18th street shit mountain to the busy intersection of columbia. a traffic cop was directing the excessive hoards of onlookers across the street, and as i was herded with the rest of the flock, i stopped dead in my tracks. it was HIM. there he was. READING AGAIN.

i instinctively made a sharp left into starbucks and feverishly began calculating my next move. he was in almost the same chair, reading eclipse, but the sly dog had removed the glossy book cover, so the book was pretty much plain black apart from the title down the spine. sneaky Hippie, he couldn’t fool me. i’d seen the book without the cover before. i was determined to get a picture of him. the tell-tale satin red ribbon of his bookmark betrayed him.

sucking in my breath and then holding it (for reasons unbeknownst to me), i slid sideways out of starbucks with my cellphone in picture mode, my thumb strategically poised on the OK button. as i rounded the corner of the building i steadied my aim. my hand was shaking as i hit zoom – oh so carefully, carefully now.

suddenly, his brows furrowed as his eyelids raised and we made eye contact.


i let out my breath so sharply it was practically a hiss. i clutched my cell and began hitting random numbers as though i was calling someone and lamely put the phone to my ear. i marched away scowling, foiled yet again.

capitol hemp

Exhibit B. the twi hippie's potential place of employment

as i stomped away, something sparkly on my left caught my eye. no, it wasn’t edward glimmering in the sunlight (i wish). it was the gleam of a mosaic mural on the wall of a store entrance – of course! Capital Hemp! a clothing and lifestyle store full of phish food and devil sticks and hacky sacks for hippies and funkaholics.

The Twi Hippie probably works at Capitol Hemp, and he must take his breaks at starbucks at the same time everyday.

at last!! a clue. a truth. a fact.

…To Be Continued…




5 responses

30 06 2009

please jessica people are looking at me laughing at my computer… I cant wait for the conclusion. His book mark probably says “Im a Twilight Girl”…ok that’s what mine says.

30 06 2009

i might head to So’s Your Mom for lunch just so I can peep the jauns!

30 06 2009

LOL this is awesome. I like the way you write. Very entertaining. I seriously hope you can get a picture of him!

1 07 2009

I really really really hope that I can go Twippie hunting when I come to DC. I have got to find this guy and then totally grill him. For real, I’m going to end up conversatin with this trustafarian (*LOL*) for hours.

1 07 2009
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