Single Ladies Bikini Dance Video!!

30 06 2009

I got nothin to say but Peter is so.damn.cute. And don’t ever make a bet with Peter Facinelli.

And had I been Sarahterrible (eh hem), our LA founding SigO, or had this happened in September, my ass wouldve been at the corner of Hollywood and Vine at 10am sharp this morning to watch this go down.



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30 06 2009

OFF MY CASE! OFF MY CASE! I love Twilight, no doubt! And I’d have been there if I could have but Clementine looks forward to tuesday morning! Really. She wakes up saying “Play, kids” which is what an 18 month old can say about gym class. So. No matter what. Twilight comes second to my baby. The priorities in my life go: Baby, Twilight, Sleep. So there. That’s the best I can do. Suck it bitches:)

30 06 2009

Ok let me REPHRASE that: had I been Sarahterrible PRE baby Clementine my ass wouldve been there. Better duder?
Good thing I’m coming to set those priorities straight. Jeesh.

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